Human Resources


24 Hour / 365 days a year Emergency Telephone Assistance:  1-877-433-0701

For all Western employees, immediate emergency telephone assistance is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Services available to full-time employees - For all services call 1-877-433-0701

For full-time employees, other eligible employees, and immediate family members, (as outlined in your respective collective agreement), FSEAP offers the following services:

Confidential Face-to-Face Counselling:

FSEAP counsellors work from the belief that they can help a client resolve or substantially improve how they manage what has been difficult using short term, solution-focused models of counselling. Counselling is an open, healthy, consultative process where the counsellor and the client work actively together in a climate of mutual respect. FSEAP counsellors are trained and proficient in a wide variety of well-proven short term brief counselling methodologies: cognitive behavioural therapy, brief relationship therapies, solution focused therapy, narrative therapy, depth oriented brief therapy, reality therapy, coaching, EMDR and other appropriate techniques. Clients are informed about the general treatment approach that will be used. Progress is evaluated based on the clients' goals as a part of the ongoing counselling process.

Secure Web-based e-Counselling:

Web based e-Counselling allows clients to access confidential counselling services over the Internet. Web based counselling includes:

To access the web-based e-Couselling service, please call to receive confidential login information.

Family Connexions - Childcare and Eldercare Consultation:

A telephone consultation will help you to assess your specific needs for child and eldercare and provide information about appropriate resources within your community. Written information can be provided as part of the telephone consultation.

Teen/Parent Helpline:

The Teen/Parent Helpline offers 24-hour confidential telephone consultation for teens and/or their parents. A counsellor will respond to concerns related to being a teen or parenting a teen.

Credit Counselling:

Specialized financial / credit counselling is available as part of your EAP through Credit Counselling agencies throughout Ontario. Employees and their immediate family members may request help with a personal budget, to assess credit issues, or explore options of debt repayment or bankruptcy.

Call FSEAP to schedule a prompt face-to-face appointment.

Psychosocial Education Groups:

Family Service Thames Valley provides psycho-educational groups for the community and these can be accessed by employees of Western's EAP. All groups at Family Service Thames Valley are professionally facilitated.

Groups bring individuals together with others who share similar challenges to work on personal issues. In groups, strengths can be identified together. In groups, solutions can be shared together. The power of groups comes from the energy of the participants growing together in meaningful, supportive relationships.

- Read the Group session flyer
- Read the Group session schedule

Clinical Consultation for Managers and Union Representatives:

Clinical Consultation is available for Managers, Supervisors and Union Representatives who want to understand and respond appropriately to employees’ psychological and emotional needs. FSEAP clinicians have organizational experience and specific training to help managers effectively manage emotional and psychological issues in the workplace. They provide coaching assistance and information. FSEAP representatives maintain a neutral stance and will not divulge confidential information. This service can be accessed by calling Western Rehabilitation Services.

Critical Incident Management and Response:

Western University may require professional post trauma critical incident management, defusing and debriefing services. Family Service Thames Valley can also provide appropriate responses for other difficult non-traumatic situations.

Incident response management and strategies protect and assist the recovery of individual employees, workgroups and organizations from the effects of workplace incidents.

The Family Service Thames Valley / FSEAP Critical Incident Response (CIR) service is easily accessed nationally by calling, anytime, 24 hours a day at 1-877-433-0701.

The national toll free number is always directly answered by a qualified EAP professional. This clinician is specifically trained to assess critical incidents and has the expertise to provide immediate crisis counselling on the telephone with a traumatized employee at any time of the day or night.

The general process for addressing High Stress Events:

The intake group and managers will help you determine what interventions would be most helpful and will help you plan your response. The local CIR Team will be alerted if an immediate on-site defusing is needed; defusing needs to be done as soon as possible to be effective, ideally before employee exposed to the incident leave the site. If a work-site debriefing is needed for the group of employees who were directly impacted by the traumatic event, the CIR Team will make arrangements with the Western University to provide this service when the debriefing will be most helpful, usually within 24 to 72 hours. Individuals at risk will be identified and offered individual counselling.