EAP Counselling Services

New in 2024!

You may now book your first virtual appointment by using online scheduling through your TELUS Health account. Read more

To be connected by phone with TELUS Health counselling services, please call 1-855-597-2105 and choose your language. Then,

  • Press "1" if you are experiencing an emergency situation, and would like to speak to a crisis counsellor by phone right away.
  • Press "2" to schedule an appointment for counselling or other services. Our goal is to offer your first counselling appointment within five business days. Your call will be answered by a caring professional who can help you choose a support option that best suits your needs. Your preference for time of day, location, specialty and way of meeting (in-person, phone, video-conference) will all be considered.

You can now also use online scheduling to book your first (virtual) counselling appointment

In January 2024, TELUS Health introduced online scheduling for an easier way to book your first virtual (phone or video) counselling appointment.

Login to your TELUS Health account and select the “Book A Counsellor” link. You'll have options that allow you to view counsellor details and appointment options for Tele-Counselling and Video-Counselling. For in-person counselling, you can book using online chat.

EAP will provide a series of sessions with a professional. This short-term, solution-focused counselling model is designed to help you tackle one priority at a time. If you need more specialized or longer-term support, TELUS Health will make a referral to another resource. While fees for these additional services are your responsibility, there may be coverage under your provincial or Western health plan.

Counselling services are provided by experienced counsellors who are Master's level professionals.

There are many topics that EAP counsellors can discuss with you - relationship challenges, family concerns, abuse, addiction, parenting, workplace conflict, mental health concerns including stress, depression and anxiety, and more.

Ways to receive counselling include:

  • In-person counselling is a traditional session format, ideal for families or couples who need interaction. Please note that masks are required for in-person meetings.
  • Telephone counselling is convenient and ideal for time-restricted or travelling individuals.
  • Video counselling offers virtual face-to-face support, in the convenience and comfort of your home.
  • E-counselling via email exchange with a Counsellor is best suited for those most comfortable with written communication. It is also ideal for travelling individuals, providing support anywhere.
  • Chat provides instant support to connect with a Counsellor online via the TELUS Health One website or app.

There are also self-directed and counsellor-assisted programs. Login to the TELUS Health One website and select CareNow to get access.

Things to Know

Confidentiality - Services are fully confidential within the limits of the law. No one, including Western, will ever know that you've used the services unless you tell them. If your spouse or child accesses the services you will not know.

Your Family Members - Supports are available to ALL Western employees, their spouses and dependent children up to age 21, or up to age 25 if they are still in school full time. To access services, your family members simply tell EAP that you work for Western University.

More details are available on the EAP FAQ webpage under the question "How do I arrange support for my minor child?"

Cost - There is no cost to you or your family to use the EAP services.

Non-English Services - Services can be provided in a wide variety of languages. If your preferred language is not available a translator is provided.

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