Human Resources

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of problems can EAP help me resolve?

The program can help with just about any psychological, emotional or relationship concern:

How do I make an appointment?

Immediate emergency telephone assistance is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for all Western employees by calling 1-877-433-0701.

For other non-emerency services, available to all full-time employees and their family members, and other qualified employees, call FSEAP Thames Valley at 1-877-433-0701 to make an appointment.  Alternatively you may send an email to Mention that you are an eligible employee or family member of an eligible employee of the University.  You will be asked to provide your Western ID number.

FSEAP Thames Valley (London location) is open weekdays during business hours.  Evening appointments are available. 

How many sessions am I eligible for?

Employees are entitled to up to 12 sessions, in any 12-month period.

What kind of assistance is available?

At your first appointment with your EAP counsellor, your situation is assessed.

Following this, you and the counsellor will work out a plan to help you deal with the problem. That plan often involves further sessions with the counsellor.

Occasionally, the counsellor may refer you to another specialist equipped with the skills needed to help you.

Who are the EAP counsellors?

The fully qualified and trained counsellors are all professional staff. All FSEAP counsellors have a minimum of a Master’s degree and 5 years clinical experience. You may specify your preference for either male or female counsellor.

Who pays for the counselling?

The University, through an agreement with employee associations and unions on campus.

Are part-time employees eligible for this free service?

All Western employees may access emergency assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year by calling 1-877-433-0701.

Other services may be available to some part-time employees, as negotiated in their respective collective agreement.  FSEAP may also refer you to other resources, including Family Services Thames Valley, which is open to the public at large. Fees are based on one's ability to pay. Remember, it costs nothing to inquire.

Will my supervisor be aware that I'm using this service?

No. To protect your privacy, the University has chosen FSEAP Thames Valley, an independent counselling service, situated off campus. This service is entirely confidential.

Will I be able to take time off work to use this service?

You will have the same opportunity to attend EAP counselling sessions as is provided under the existing policies for health care appointments.

How long will it take to solve my problem?

There are no hard and fast rules, nor is there any guarantee your situation can be "fixed". Some problems can be worked out in a single phone call. Others may require a longer course of counselling and treatment from a specialized service to which you would be referred.

The EAP is designed to provide direct "short-term problem-solving" counselling. Typically, this might involve six to eight sessions with your counsellor. However, employees are entitled to up to 12 sessions, in any 12-month period, if necessary.

If long-term or specialized counselling is required, the counsellor will assist you with a referral to another resource within your community. Community services may involve a fee.

What if the problem originates with a member of my family?

EAP also helps immediate family members of University employees to deal with their problems.

Why is Western backing this program?

The University recognizes that our employees' wellbeing, at home or on the job, is directly reflected in work performance, productivity and workplace cooperation.