Man Made

ManMade: Change starts with you. For more information contact Next session beings in October 2018. Western's Co-Curricular Record approved.

Registration for the Fall 2020 session of Man|Made, facilitated by ANOVA, is now open. Man|Made is an exciting 4 session discussion group program designed for men to help them find their voice and use it to create change for themselves and their community.

What does the program cover?

Through the format of facilitated discussion, a range of topics are explored including what healthy masculinity can look like, how to engage in healthy relationships, how to navigate intimacy as well as understanding consent. Participants can learn to identify and take action in their role in helping to end violence against women. Many of our past participants have completed the group with a better idea of how to support female survivors in their lives and become a part of a community that takes a stand on violence against women.

Who is this program for?

We encourage the participation of community leaders, varsity athletes, and anyone wanting to engage in the discussion of consent, male allyship, and to promote awareness of violence against women. This program is open to anyone who identifies as male. Attendance will go towards the participant’s Western co-curricular record. For more information on ANOVA and the services they offer please visit their website here.


To register for Man|Made or for more information on this program, please visit the Experience Catalogue event page HERE. Please note: you will need to log in to your student account to register. 

Fall registration is closed, but registration for the winter sessions is now open.

Winter 2021 sessions will be held on the following dates:
February 21st at 5pm
February 28th at 5pm
March 7th at 5pm

March 14th at 5pm 


"The Man|Made Program at Western is a fantastic opportunity for men to come together in a safe, closed setting and talk about issues which so often are not discussed publicly by men. I learned a lot about consent and its forms, sexual topics in media, and then actually being able to see how this applies in real life by attending an event designed to provide a safe, learning environment for women. To any men considering taking this program, I would highly recommend it. You meet friends, get free food, and even learn some great tips for relationships - sexual or not - with others."

"For me the Man|Made Group was valuable because it allowed us to discuss personal topics with other students that were different from myself. Discussing pop culture and gender dynamics in a world where it is becoming increasingly difficult to understand what it is to be a man is extremely useful. The Man Made group is definitely valuable."