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Le vrai monde?
de Michel Tremblay

Mise en scène par Mario Longtin

Arts Project: les 19-21 mars 2009

vrai mondeThe play is set in Montreal in 1965. Claude, a 23 year old budding writer, is staging his first play in which he has his characters say things his own family has never dared saying. On stage, we see two families evolve: the true one, and the one which is part of Claude's theatrical universe. When the real family learns of the existence of its imaginary double, with its share of disclosed secrets, the main culprit becomes the one who broke the silence... A fascinating series of confrontation ensues, where things have false bottoms and stir with the multiplicity of perceptions and realities. Where is the truth? What gestures, with their happy or unhappy consequences, were really made? Where is the real world when everyone calls it a lie? The powerful tone and the rage of the play finally open up one of the most striking father-sons duels. The play also tackles the theme of the guilt that the creator can fell towards his work. For instance, how far can he draw from his own life, and the one of his close relations, and what can he allow himself to say? In this sense, the play is a good characterization of the thin line between art and reality. More than thirty years after its initial publication, Le vrai monde? is more relevant than ever.