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French 9005 - Reading course for grad students

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à Mario Longtin qui a obtenu du financement à travers le programme Western Strategic Support Grants pour son projet "Jehan LeHucher: A Drama Scribe in Rouen's Renaissance"!


aux enseignant.e.s de notre département dont les noms se retrouvent sur le USC Teaching Honour Roll pour l'année universitaire 2015-2016!

Jillian Adams, Veranika Barysevich, Natasha Bastien, Karine Beaudoin, Kristine Canas, Chantal Dawar, Josée Dufour, Ala Terry Ghamraoui, Heather Kirk, Paul Venesoen.

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Undergraduate Program

  • French is always an asset in the job market, and in life. Come and find out that Canada really is a bilingual country!

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  • Il n’est pas trop tard pour poser votre dossier au Département d’études françaises.

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  • Don’t just be a tourist – get immersed!!  Scholarships are available for study in France and Quebec!