Règlements SGPS


  • registration and fee payment;
  • registration requirements;
  • categories of registration;
  • leave of absence / withdrawal / readmission;
  • academic integrity module.

Financial Support:

  • eligibility and minimum requirements;
  • minimum financial package for doctoral students.

Program Design:

  • adding, dropping, auditing graduate courses;
  • adding, dropping, auditing undergraduate courses;
  • credit for prior graduate work.


  • supervisory roles;
  • expectations and requirements of supervisors;
  • expectations and requirements of students;
  • guidelines for reviewing and assessing student progress through the degree;
  • changing a supervisor.

The Thesis:

  • general regulations;
  • thesis preparation and format;
  • completion of the thesis requirement.

Appeals and Discipline:

  • scolastic discipline;
  • academic appeals;
  • code of conduct.

Professional and Career Development

Support Services