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ucBienvenue sur le site du Département d'études françaises, l'un des sept départements qui constituent la Faculté des lettres, arts et sciences humaines de l'Université Western. Nous offrons des programmes d'études aux niveaux du Baccalauréat, de la Maîtrise et du Doctorat. Les membres du corps enseignant font des recherches dans de nombreux domaines en langue, littérature et linguistique.

Welcome to the website of the Department of French, one of the seven departments that make up the Faculty of Arts and Humanities of Western University. We offer programs of study at the level of B.A., M.A., and Ph.D. Faculty members carry out research in many areas of language, literature and linguistics.

French Studies at Western

The University of Western Ontario has the second largest Department of French Studies in the province.  Its 20 full-time faculty members and over 40 part-time instructors and teaching assistants teach courses in a wide range of fields: language study from beginner to advanced level, literature from all areas of the French speaking world, literary theory, culture and civilization, linguistics and translation.

Why Study French at University today?

Faced with the challenges of the economy, students are rightly concerned about making the best educational choices now more than ever. But while some programs have obvious career advantages, the benefits of other options may not be as clear. What are the practical benefits of studying French at the university level?

Studying another language is one of the best ways to develop your communication skills. Research has demonstrated that the study of a second language contributes to improved communicative ability in a person's first language and tends to contribute to overall cognitive development. University studies in French can prepare you for an extraordinary knowledge of Canada’s “other” official language, which is either a requirement or an asset for almost any career choice. Knowing French opens up avenues which extend beyond the local reach and into many countries around the world.  Whether it be in diplomatic, legal, business or scientific professions, French provides you with an additional asset for today’s very competitive job market.  You may decide to major in French with a view to working where French is required, or to pursue a Minor in French as an adjunct to another degree program; there is literally no field in which this invaluable skill cannot and will not enhance your career prospects.