Guaranteed Admission to the Faculty of Education

Admission options to the Faculty of Education for students in French Studies

You may take one of two routes of entry to the Bachelor of Education program at the Faculty of Education at Western University.

1. Regular Process

  • Apply to the Faculty of Education during the fall term of the fourth year of the Honours Bachelor degree.
  • For admission to the Faculty of Education, students must complete the Bachelor degree requirements AND must meet all other requirements for the specific program to which they are applying.
  • Requirements for the Primary/Junior French, Junior/Intermediate French, and Intermediate/Senior French as a Second Language programs can be found on the Faculty of Education website.

2. Guaranteed Admission

Guaranteed admission to the Faculty of Education is offered to Department of French students interested in teaching at the Primary/Junior French (FPJ) level, Junior/Intermediate level with French as a teaching subject or at the Intermediate/Senior level with a first teaching subject in French.

Students interested in teaching at the Primary/Junior level for teaching in English should apply to the Faculty of Education through the regular process.

  • Complete the application form during Year 2 or Year 3 expressing an interest in the Bachelor of Education program. Your application includes a short essay (ca. 1000 words) explaining why you want to become a teacher. Include discussion of the ways you believe you meet the Faculty of Education’s expectations of teacher candidates. Applicants must have successfully completed the equivalent of 10 full university courses at the time of application. Transfer credits from community colleges and CEGEP will not be accepted.
  • Applicants must successfully complete EDUC 2200 Perspectives on Schooling. (This course may be in progress at the time of B.Ed. application, but must be completed before the B.Ed. begins.)
  • All Guaranteed pathway applicants must complete an OUAC/TEAS application by the application deadline.
  • Guaranteed pathway applicants do not need to complete an Experience Profile or CASPer assessment.
  • Preference is given to applicants who have attained four-year degrees or completed the equivalent of 20 full courses.

Regular Process

Guaranteed Admission

Complete application during year 4, term 1 (available through Faculty of Education website) Complete the interest form/essay during year 2 or 3 (Click here to access the form)
Meet graduation requirements for a Bachelor degree. Meet graduation requirements for a Bachelor degree with at a module in French Studies.
Meet admission requirements for the Bachelor of Education  including:
  • Five full French courses with a 70% average, at least two of which should be language courses;
  • A minimum average of 70% in their best 10.0 undergraduate credits;
  •  A minimum average of 70% in the teaching subject credits.
Meet all admission requirements for the Bachelor of Education AND:
  • At least 75% average in the five full French courses counting towards the admission requirements;
  • Successfully complete EDUC 2200 before the B.Ed. begins.

Teaching in Canada

A teacher who is interested in teaching in another province/territory should begin the process well ahead of the commencement of the school year. The first requirement is to obtain an evaluation from the department of education in the new province/territory. All teachers must apply to the appropriate agency for verification of their standing and the eligibility for certification, and will be required to submit appropriate documentation including official transcripts, birth certificate and in some cases, a health certificate. For more information please visit the Canadian Teachers' Federation website.