Theoretical and Applied Linguistics Lab

Within Western's Faculty of Arts, the appointment of several dynamic linguistics researchers over the past decade has created a research cluster that has focused and greatly expanded the Faculty's linguistics research program, while at the same time establishing a network of cross-Departmental collaborations and synergies. Linguistics is perhaps unique among the humanities in its numerous substantive links with disciplines in other Faculties: with the Social Sciences: Anthropology, where the rest of the undergraduate linguistics program is, and Psychology, where there is growing interest in psycholinguistics, with Applied Health Science: Communicative Disorders and Speech Pathology, with Science: Computer Science, and in particular with Artificial Intelligence, with the Faculty of Education, with the Centre for Cognitive Science: in particular, the nexus between Engineering and Psychology, and with the Faculty of Information and Media Studies. The lingustics researchers of UWO (faculty members and graduate students alike) are active in a number of innovative disciplinary initiatives and interdisciplinary projects, which they have brought together at the Theoretical and Applied Linguistics Laboratory (TALL, formerly GReLTA, Groupe de Recherches en Linguistique Théorique et Appliquée).

The TALL laboratory provides the electronic and technical infrastructure essential to the pursuit of leading edge linguistics research in linguistics analysis, data collection and online data retrieval and research collaboration, while providing an excellent environment to foster the development of transferable technical skills in such areas as online database creation and management, statistical analysis and Geographical Information Systems including sophisticated computer applications.