Treena Orchard, PhD

Associate Professor

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  • PhD (Manitoba)
  • MA (Memorial)
  • BA (Saskatchewan)

Graduate Program Supervision

  • Health & Rehabilitation Sciences MSc | PhD

Research In Profile

Associate Professor Treena Orchard is an anthropologist and author who researches sexuality, gender and health among marginalized groups and within the context of her own life. She has published over 60 peer-reviewed journal articles and book chapters and is featured in 130+ media stories about her research, activism and public scholarship. Treena also been a featured guest on several podcasts, including one hosted by NYT Best-Selling author Dr. Wednesday Martin, who also penned the foreword to her memoir. Told with humour and vulnerability, Sticky, Sexy, Sad: Swipe Culture & The Darker Side of Dating Apps (University of Toronto Press) is a riveting and inspiring manifesto about how we can stay true to ourselves amid the digitization of love in the twenty-first century.

Featured Publications and Projects


  • Orchard, T. (2024). Sticky, Sexy, Sad: Swipe Culture & the Darker Side of Dating Apps, University of Toronto Press, April publication.
  • Dewey, S., Zhang, T. & Orchard, T. (2016). Sex workers and Criminalization in North America and China: Ethical and Legal Issues in Exclusionary Regimes, NYC: Springer Press.
  • Orchard, T. (2017). Remembering the Body: Ethical Issues in Body Mapping Research. NYC: Springer Press (Springer Briefs in Anthropology- Anthropology and Ethics).

Chapters and Reports

  • Martin, W., Orchard, T. (2023). Age-Hypogamy Qualitative Research - Primary Sources.
  • Orchard, T. (2022). Virtual Sexual Identities: Embodied Aspirations, Tensions, and Lessons from the Bumble Dating App, (Invited) in The Routledge Companion to Gender, Sexuality and Culture, Ed, E. Rees, 65-75.
  • Orchard, T. (2022). Neither Crone nor Cougar: Navigating Intimacy & Ageism on Dating Apps, In Gender, Sex and Tech!: An Intersectional Feminist Guide, Jill Fellows & Lisa Smith, Eds. Toronto: Canadian Scholars Press, 86-100.
  • Dewey, S. & Orchard, T. (2022). Reconfiguring Sexuality and Stigma: Perspectives of North American Women in Street-Based Sex Work, IN Reconfiguring Stigma in Studies of Sex for Sale, J. Bjønness, M. Skilbrei and L. Nencel, Eds. NYC: Routledge, 139-153.
  • Boydell, K. & Orchard, T. (2020). Concluding Remarks - Remembering the Body. In Boydell K.M. (ed). Applying Body Mapping in Research . London: Taylor and Francis, 123-129.

Articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals

  • Orchard, T. (2023). “It can be very easy to feel uncomfortable”: Socio-spatial constructions of campus safety among university students and administrators. Emotion, Space & Society, Vol. 49,
  • Shepherd, R. & Orchard, T. (2022). ”We cause a ruckus”: Exploring How Indigenous Youth Navigate the Challenges of Community Engagement and Leadership. Int. J. Environ. Res. Public Health 19, 9542.
  • Orchard. T. & Sangaraganesan, D.M. (2022). “This Isn’t Just a Research Project”: Exploring the Links Between Slang and Sexual and Gender-Based Violence Among University Students in a Canadian City, Sex Education,
  • Orchard, T., Salter, K., Bunch, M. & Benoit, C. (2021). Money, Agency, and Self- Care Among Cisgender and Trans Sex Workers in a Canadian City, Social Sciences, 10(1), 6;
  • Orchard, T.  (2020). Body Mapping: Visual Research & Transformative Human Experience, Revista Mundau-Religion, Health and Corporealities, 7:161-168.
  • Orchard, T., Murie, A., Salter, K., Elash, H., Middleton, C., Bunch, M., & Benoit, C. (2019). Balance, Capacity, and The Contingencies of Everyday Life: Narrative Etiologies of Health Among Women in Street-Based Sex Work, Qualitative Health Research, 30(4): 518-529.

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Current Grants and Research Projects

  • Orchard, T. (PI), Mantler, T. and Burke, S (Co-Investigators). Surviving or Thriving?: Exploring how Children & Caregivers in Ontario Cultivate Resilience in Response to the COVID-19 Pandemic. Social Science & Humanities Council of Canada- Insight Development Grant. 2022-2024 ($56, 314)
  • McKinley, G.  (PI), Orchard, T. and six other applicants from Western University & Whitefish River First Nation (Co-Investigators). It Takes a Village: Social Inclusion, Support and Purpose as a means of Supporting Individuals engaged in Substance Misuse in a Rural First Nation in Ontario, Canada.  Canadian Research Initiative in Substance Misuse, Ontario. 2019-20202 ($34,620).
  • Orchard, T. “Beauty”, “Chill Broad”, and “Wifey”: Exploring Sexual Terminologies at Western. Social Science & Humanities Research Council of Canada Explore Grant-UWO. 2019-2020 ($6990).
  • Matheson, K. (Carleton University), Orchard, T. and twenty other collaborators from Indigenous Studies, Nursing, Neuroscience, Psychology, Sociology, Digital Media, Art & Design, Medicine. Youth Futures: Bringing Together Indigenous and Western Approaches to Promote Youth Resilience and Prosperity in First Nations Communities. Social Science and Humanities Council of Canada. 2017-2024 (2,500,000).

Featured Graduate Student Projects

Women’s Sexuality After Spinal Cord Injury

  • Merna, Selma (2020-  ). PhD Rehabilitation Sciences.

Gender, Work, and Social Inequalities for Filipino Women Caregivers in Ontario

  • Bobadilla, Andrea (2013- ). PhD Rehabilitation Sciences.

Sexuality, Identity, and Governance Among Adults with Intellectual Disabilities

  • Cox, Vanessa (2013- ).  PhD Rehabilitation Sciences.

The Impact of Covid-19 on Intimate Relationships

  • Mishele Kaplan, Mishele (2021-  ). MSc Health & Rehabilitation Studies

Male Survivors of Female Perpetrated Violence

  • Borsato, Xavier (2019-2021). MSc Health & Rehabilitation Studies

Mental Health Experiences Among African, Caribbean & Black Youth in London, Ontario

  • Yosieph, Lily (2017-2021). MSc Health & Rehabilitation Studies

Visit Scholarship@Western for a list of completed student theses and dissertations in the repository.

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  • Faculty Scholar Award: 2022
  • Faculty of Health Sciences Recognition of Excellence in Teaching: 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015
  • Faculty of Health Sciences Top 10% Instructor Award: 2016

Professional Activities

Editorial Positions on Peer-Reviewed Journals

Peer Review Activities

  • Invited by Jenn Clement, National Coordinator, Canadian Alliance for Sex Work Law Reform, to contribute expert testimony/statement related to the House of Commons Standing Committee on Justice and Human Rights review of sex work laws, the Protection of Communities and Exploited Persons Act.
  • Invited to review and provide expert insights about discriminatory policies within the  Canadian Armed Forces that impact women and LGBTQ+ members
  • Expert Consultation to the Anti-Racism and Anti-Oppression Committee at the University of Saskatchewan. 
  • Expert Program Assessor for the Ontario Ministry of Training, Colleges, and Universities