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Allnatt, Alan R.
Baines, Kim Organic Teaching Division, Synthesis, Catalysis and Molecular Materials, Main Group Chemistry, Low Valent Main Group Compounds, Mechanistic Chemistry, Main Group Catalysis, Group 14 Based Polymers
Baird, N. Colin Computational chemistry, chemical education
Bancroft, G. Mike 519-661-4117
Synchrotron radiation, materials chemistry, surface science
Bolton, James R.
Chan, Raymond
Corrigan, John F.  Inorganic Teaching Division, Synthesis, Catalysis and Molecular Materials, Inorganic and Organometallic Chemistry
Cory, Robert M. 250-360-8448
Dean, Phil A.W. 86331
Synthetic and structural inorganic chemistry
Griffiths, Keith
Haines, Roland A.
Hunter, Duncan H.
Kidd, Garth
Lau, Leo
Computational materials chemistry, green energy and green manufacturing technology
Robert H. Lipson Gas-phase laser spectroscopy using vacuum ultraviolet lasers or multiphoton techniques, materials synthesis, technique development for mass spectrometry
Martin, Ron R. 86331
Synchrotron radiation analysis, metals, teeth anthropology, dentistry
McIntyre, N. Stewart Surface science, synchrotron science
Meath, William J. Theoretical chemistry
Peterson, Nils O.
Richard J. Puddephatt biography Organometallic Chemistry Related to Catalysis and Materials Science
David W. Shoesmith biography Electrochemistry and Corrosion Studies
Ware, William R.
Wardlaw, David
Theoretical chemistry, chemical reaction dynamics, rate theory, laser-mediated reactions, stability of chiral molecules in open systems
Weedon, Alan Organic Chemistry and Photochemistry
Wren, Clara Physical & Analytical Teaching Division, Materials: Design, Function and Characterization, Chemical Kinetics and Transport Phenomena in Radiation-Induced Processes


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Guthrie, J. Peter

Lorimer, Jack

King, Jim F.

Norton, Peter

Payne, Nicholas

Usselman, Mel C.