Cross Appointed & Adjunct Faculty

Faculty Member Department Research Themes
Biesinger, Mark Surface Science Western  X-ray photoelectron spectroscopy (XPS), particularly improved sample analysis and data interpretation techniques for transition metals
Choy, Wing-Yiu (James) Biochemistry Western Protein structure & dynamics, intrinsically disordered proteins, protein-protein interaction
Coulthard, Ian Canadian Light Source Advanced Synchrotron Based Spectroscopic and Imaging Techniques for Broad Based Scientific Inquiry
Divigalpitiya, Ranjith Chemistry Western 2D Materials
Fanchini, Giovanni Physics and Astronomy Westerm Materials science and materials chemistry: carbon-based and two-dimensional nanomaterials. Nano-optoelectronics devices: solar cells, memory devices and water sensors
Goncharova, Lyudmila Physics and Astronomy Western Semiconductor quantum dots, photonic devices, interface phenomena, electronic states and transport in nanostructures, high-resolution depth profiling, percolation conductivity and tunneling, hydrogen and lithium detection, surface science, electronic materials
Li, Shawn Biochemistry Western The focus of the Li lab is to elucidate the molecular and epigenetic basis of cancer with the goal of developing protein- and peptide-based diagnostic or therapeutic agents for cancer
Ling, Hong Biochemistry Western Protein structure and function, Protein-protein and protein-DNA interactions in DNA repair
Luan, Ben University of Science and Technology Beijing Surface modification and coatings, materials chemistry, energy storage systems,
Mittler, Silvia Physics and Astronomy Westerm Photonics of surfaces and interfaces: interface microscopy, sensors, plasmonics, waveguides, AuNPs, self-assembled monolayers, LB-technology, thin oriented collagen scaffolds
Nelson, Andrew Anthropology Western Archaeometry: the application of scientific analytical techniques to artifacts and human remains derived from archaeological and historic contexts
Sumarah, Mark W. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada Characterization and structure elucidation of novel natural products; development of analytical methods for the detection and quantification of toxins
Wang, Hong-Bo Chemical and Environmental Engineering, Jianghan University Sustainable Chemistry for Optoelectronic Materials