SFIC Mentorship Program

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All certificate candidates must complete and submit via the Mentorship Log, a minimum of 18 hours of mentorship within six months of course completion and prior to submitting the final evaluation video.

Candidates are responsible for making their own arrangements for mentorship with accredited supervising mentors. The supervising mentor must possess a current SFIC certification and be in good standing with the CCAA. A maximum ratio of one mentor to two students is recommended for direct mentorship and a ratio of one mentor to four students is recommended for indirect mentorship.

The completed and signed Mentorship Log must be uploaded to the student's OWL SFIC profile 14 days prior to challenging the practical evaluation. The supervising mentor is also required to sign the Mentorship Log form to indicate that the candidate has completed the minimum number of hours and is competent and ready to challenge the practical evaluation.

Breakdown of Mentorship Hours

Prior to registering for the SFIC practical evaluation a minimum of 13 hours of mentorship must be completed with a certified SFIC instructor in good standing with the CCAA. A maximum of five hours of peer mentorship with other individuals undergoing the certification process can be applied toward the 18 total hours of mentorship.


Mentorship Type Requirement
Direct (required) Min 8 hours
Indirect (optional) Max 5 hours
Peer (optional) Max 5 hours

Direct Mentorship

Minimum of eight hours must be in the form of direct mentorship (group exercise application supervised by a mentor).

  • Shadowing/co-instructing exercise classes at the mentor’s facility or over a virtual platform;
  • Evaluation of at least one full exercise class to be led by the mentee in-person or over a virtual platform is mandatory;
  • Up to one hour (total) of direct mentor feedback on application performance from above sessions.
  • The SFIC Mentorship Information Form must be completed by the SFIC mentor after an agreement is made to work with a new SFIC candidate (usually after the first meeting).The form is intended to formally notify the CCAA of a new mentorship arrangement, collect mentor and candidate contact information and to facilitate effective communication between these individuals and the CCAA. 
  • Both the mentor and candidate must review and consent to these two mentorship agreements prior to begining any new mentorship arrangement.
Activity Time (hours)
Passive observation of mentor’s class (not recorded) 1 (max)
Partial class instruction (min 25%, total class time counts towards hours) 4 (min)
Direct individual feedback .5 (max)
Full class execution 1 (min)
Direct final prep for evaluation component .5 (max)


Formally notify the CCAA of a new mentorship arrangement by completing the form.

Indirect Mentorship

A maximum of five hours of indirect mentorship facilitated by an SFIC certified mentor.

  • Discussion or study group with your mentor to clarify/discuss theory, safety, practical, approach, programing, or share experiences, and identify areas that need further study or practice;
  • Mentor may provide mock scenario and discuss how mentee would approach;
  • Mentor may assign mentees to program full/partial sessions and then use to discuss approach/completeness;
  • This must be performed with the mentor present and the mentor to student ratio can vary from 1:1 to 1:6.

Peer Mentorship

A maximum of five hours of peer mentorship.

  • Hours spent in small study groups or 'prep groups' of SFIC candidates;
  • Peer presentations i.e., case study presentations;
  • Online case study discussions with fellow students;
  • While studying in a small group, record the name and dates of the other students present.