Seniors' Fitness Instructor Renewal


To maintain SFIC certification,  instructors are required to conduct a minimum of 16 CCAA senior fitness classes and obtain eight (8) Professional Development Credits (PDCs). Proof of fulfilling these requirements must be submitted before applying for recertification every two years.

Renewal Cycle

After initial certification, the SFIC renewal cycle runs from April 1 to March 31 (two years later). This two-year cycle applies to ALL instructors. To avoid late fees, renewal requirements and payment must be submitted to the CCAA prior to March 31 of the renewal year.

recertification process graphic


Renewal Requirements

Active Delivery (Teaching hours)

In order to be recertified, certified instructors are required to lead a minimum of 16 CCAA senior fitness classes, each lasting at least 50 minutes, within the two-year period preceding recertification. The active delivery of SFIC model classes is crucial for retaining the skills acquired during the SFIC training.

Professional Development Credits (PDCs)

SFIC renewal requires the completion of 8 Professional Development Credits (PDCs). At least 4 PDCs must be obtained through participation in Continuing Education (CEC) events, such as courses, workshops, webinars, conferences etc. The remaining 4 PDCs may be earned through either additional continuing education or participation in mentorship activities with new SFIC candidates.

1. Continuing Education

Active participation in continuing education events ensures that SFIC certificate holders are exposed to the latest research findings, allowing them to acquire knowledge that enhances the content and design of their exercise classes. By staying informed about evidence-based content, instructors are better prepared to deliver programs that bring valuable benefits to older adult participants.

Renewing instructors must provide evidence of at least four (4) Professional Development Credits (PDCs) obtained through continuing education. If four (4) renewal PDCs are submitted from continuing education, the remaining four (4) PDCs should be obtained through mentorship. In the event that the instructor has not mentored new candidates over the two (2) year certification period, eight (8) PDCs acquired through continuing education are required for renewal.

Continuing Education Credit Reference Table

Provider Type Examples Length (hrs) # of PDCs
CCAA Half-day course SFIC Refresher, FFAx 3-4 3
1-day course TEP 7-8 4
1-day conference R2A 7-8 4
Other Half-day course DICE, HeartWise (renewal) 3-5 2
1-day course or conference HeartWise or Bone Fit (initial training), Can Fit Pro Active Aging Certification 6-8 3
CCAA Research or Other


Complete the summary form for each live non-CCAA or recorded CCAA Research Seminar

Live CCAA Research Seminars or live HeartWise, Loop, etc. webinars 1 0.5
Multi-day course/event Can Fit Pro, yoga teacher >12 6 max.

Eligible Non-CCAA continuing education topics

  • Exercise physiology (strength and conditioning)
  • Exercise programming specific to older adults
  • Healthy Aging/Well being
  • Exercise programing for chronic diseases associated with aging
    • Post stroke, coronary artery disease, osteoporosis, diabetes, osteoarthritis, dementia, Parkinson's Disease, Alzheimer's, etc.
    • Exercise must feature prominently in the session for it to be considered for CECs
  • Communication/motivation/adherence with older population
  • Mental Health strategies for older adults
  • Nutrition for active/exercising older adults

NOT eligible for continuing education PDCs

  • First Aid and CPR (certification or renewal)
  • Participation in research studies
  • Lessons to learn a new sport/playing a sport

Prior to enrolling in any non-CCAA learning opportunities, please consult the CCAA to ensure the event meets CEC eligibility criteria. You will be required to provide information about the length of the session and an outline or learning objectives.

2. Mentorship

Certified instructors who serve as mentors for SFIC candidates will receive credit(s) applied to their own Professional Development Credit (PDC) obligations for recertification. For every two hours spent mentoring SFIC candidates, certified instructors accrue one PDC. It's important to note that PDCs obtained through mentorship hours are not mandatory for renewal; all renewal PDCs can be acquired by accumulating Continuing Education Credits (CECs) as outlined in section #1.

Renewal Fee

For on-time recertifications, there is a renewal fee of $60.00 plus tax, which must be paid through Western's Purple Pay platform by March 31 of the renewal year.

Please be aware that renewals not submitted online through MyCCAA may take 2-4 weeks to process and are subject to an additional processing fee of $50.00 plus tax.

Suspension and Reinstatement of Certification

Failure to Maintain Certification

Instructors who do not submit all recertification requirements along with the associated fee by March 31 of their recertification year will face a suspension of their certification until the outstanding requirements are fulfilled.

Reinstatement of Certification

Options for reinstating a lapsed certification are available for up to three years following the certificate's expiration. Late fees and requirements escalate as the instructor moves farther from the original expiry date.

Reinstatement Process


If the renewal deadline is missed by one year, the instructor must fulfill the usual requirements, but the renewal fee increases to $75+tax, with an additional $50 late fee. For a two-year delay, the requirements and renewal fee remain unchanged, but the late fee increases to $75+tax. If the renewal deadline is exceeded by up to three years, the candidate must retake the foundation course (with a $225+tax fee) and pay a $75+tax late fee. Certifications that expired over three years ago are deemed invalid, requiring the initiation of the certification process again.

Reinstatement of Certification Fees

Past Due Requirements Late Fee Total Fee
One day to one year Submission of outstanding requirements + $60 fee* $50* $110*
One to two years Submission of outstanding requirements + $60 fee* $75* $135*
Two to three years
Missing second recertification period
Re-take online foundations course (~$225*) $75* $300*
Three years past last renewal date** Loss of certification
Required to restart the process for SFIC certification

*Subject to applicable provincial sales taxes
**Equates to five years beyond last recertification