Senior Fitness Instructor Renewal


Instructors are certified for a period of two years and can renew their certification by meeting requirements for renewal in February and March of their renewal year.

For current renewals, you can learn more about completing your certification or renewal online on the MyCCAA User Accounts FAQ page. Visit the COVID Certification & Renewal Equivalencies page to see how you can meet instructor certification and recertification requirements during the pandemic.

NEW! A Refreshed Instructor Renewal Process in 2024

Look for a simplified renewal cycle and process beginning in March 2024. The upcoming changes will make it easier and more convenient for instructors to maintain certification. For an in-depth look at the new renewal process visit the 2024 renewal details.

New Renewal Cycle

SFIC renewals will continue to be required on a two-year cycle. However, the certification cycle will now run from April 1 to March 31. This new two-year cycle applies to ALL instructors. Under the new structure, proof of requirement completion must be submitted to the CCAA between Feb. 1 and 28 of the renewal year. Once requirement fulfillment has been confirmed by the CCAA, instructors will have until March 31 to pay the renewal fee.

Certification Status


Next renewal Due

Missed 2020

  • Pay for 2020 renewal by Jan. 7
  • Submit documentation by Jan. 31


Missed 2021

  • Pay for 2020 renewal by Jan. 7
  • Submit documentation by Jan. 31


Renewed in 2021
(expires in 2023)

Automatic (no action required)


Renewed in 2022
(expires in 2024)

Automatic IF renewal submitted


New Renewal Process

The new renewal process will begin in March 2024. Look for more information regarding this transition in your inbox and on the CCAA website in 2023.

A note for current certificate holders; there is no change to the renewal process until March 2024. If your certificate expires prior to the end of 2022 please complete your renewal through MyCCAA as usual. To confirm your renewal deadline, please login to MyCCAA and look under the certifications area. Following the 2022 renewal, you will be transitioned into the fixed date renewal process.

Reinstatement of Certification

There are options to reinstate a lapsed certification up to three years after the certificate expired. Late fees and requirements increase as the instructor gets further away from the original expiry date.

reinstatement Process

To maintain certification candidates must submit 8 PDCs, 16 Delivery Credits between Feb. 1 and 28 of the renewal year as well as pay the $60+tax renewal fee prior to March 31 of that same year.

If a renewal deadline is missed by one year, the instructor must complete the requirements as usual but the renewal fee increases to $75+tax, they must also pay a $50 late fee. If the deadline is missed by two years the requirements and renewal fee remain the same. However, the late fee increases to $75+tax. If the renewal deadline is missed by up to three years the candidate must re-take the foundation course ($225+tax fee) and pay the $75+tax late fee. Certifications that expired more than three years ago are no longer valid and the certification process must begin again.

Reinstatement of Certification Fees

Past Due Requirements Late Fee Total Fee
One day to one year Submission of outstanding requirements + $60 fee* $50* $110*
One to two years Submission of outstanding requirements + $60 fee* $75* $135*
Two to three years
Missing second recertification period
Re-take online foundations course (~$225*) $75* $300*
Three years past last renewal date** Loss of certification
Required to restart the process for SFIC certification

*Subject to applicable provincial sales taxes
**Equates to five years beyond last recertification

Note: Requirements not submitted online may take up to two weeks (or longer during peak times) to process and is subject to a $50 administration fee.