Modular Degree Structure

Western's Modular Degree Structure – Giving You the Power of Choice

A module is a collection of courses that defines an area of concentration. The number of courses included in the module is defined by the amount of specialization in the topic. Western's modular degree structure gives you the opportunity to combine various subjects from different departments and faculties. The department determines the specific courses included in each module.

You Have Thousands of Options

Western's modular system allows you to combine a Science module with a module in another science discipline to tailor your degree to fit your interests and aspirations. For example, if you are planning to complete a four-year Honors Bachelor Degree, you can pursue an Honors Specialization in Earth Sciences, combined with a Minor in Philosophy. An honors degree can also be constructed from two different Major modules, either with both in Science or one in Science plus a non-Science. At Western, there are literally thousands of possible combinations of modules.

Dual Degree Programs

There are cases where reaching a career goal requires more than one degree or certificate. Western offers several combined and concurrent programs so you can earn two degrees in less time, extend the scope of your marketable skills and cross the traditional border in your future careers.

Combined and Concurrent Degree Options
Combined Degree Options Concurrent Degree Options
Science/Medical Sciences and Business (IVEY) Science/Basic Medical Sciences and Engineering
Science/Basic Medical Sciences and Music
Science/Basic Medical Sciences and Nutrition & Dietetics