Fees & Policies

There are several policies and fees that students should familiarize themselves with before they consider the internship program. We have summarized them below:

Program Fees

While on Internships, students do not pay tuition fees.

Students who secure an internship pay the following fee:

  • $700.00 for an 8-month work term
  • $950 for a 12-month work term
  • $1,200 for a 16-month work term
  • $500 for second (new) 8-month internship that starts in January

Payment of fees is the sole responsibility of the student, not the employer.

Internship fees are non-refundable.

Additional Courses/Credits

Interns may enrol as part-time students while completing their work terms. Enrollment will be limited to a 1/2 course [0.5 credits] per academic term. This rate is limited because the Internship is the priority for the duration of the work term. Furthermore, such part-time course requirements must not interfere with the hours of work in any way.  It is the responsibility of the student to be aware of the estimated workload for a given course, particularly during Intersession and Summer terms, and it is the responsibility of the student to drop the course if the workload becomes too great, in accordance with all deadlines stipulated in the Academic Calendar. Please note that all interns must return to Western to complete their studies on a full-time basis [at least 3.5 credits/year].


Internship Program Policies:

Accepting Job Offers

After you attend an interview, you have 48 hours to withdraw yourself from the applicant pool for that job. If you remain in the pool, it’s assumed that you will accept a job offer. If the company makes an offer within that 48 hour period (i.e. before you’ve had a chance to remove yourself), then we don’t hold you to it. You also have 48 hours after receiving the offer in which to think about and accept it. If there are new developments during this time, then those developments may be considered (we will reach out to employers you’ve interviewed with to see if they are ready to make an offer).

Declining an offer

In rare circumstances, there are valid reasons to decline an offer but students must contact with Patricia (pmason7@uwo.ca) or Afa (ijegede@uwo.ca) or Dorota (dolive8@uwo.ca) before declining an internship position.

Completing the Internship

1. The student who accepts an internship offer and then reneges on the offer prior to beginning the position is withdrawn from the Science Internship Program [and Science 3391] and will receive an "F" in Science 3391. The student is still required to pay the Internship fee.

2. The student who goes out on an Internship work term and then quits to return to school or quits mid-term - without cause - receives an "F" in Science 3391 and is still required to pay the Internship fee.

3. The student who does not pay the Internship fee receives an "F" in Science 3391 and their academic record is sealed.

4. The student who is let go due to changes in the economy or quits for health/compassionate reasons: payment of the IIP fee will be at the discretion of the Associate Dean, Academic. In this rare case, the student will be directed to the appropriate and available supports.

5. The student who is withdrawn from the Science Internship program due to academic reasons - [i.e. scholastic offence] or who is let go for cause is withdrawn from the Science Internship Program but is still required to pay the IIP fee and will receive an "F" in Science 3391.

** Internship fees are NOT refundable **