Missing Pre-Requisite

To request special permission to register in a course for which you do not have the required prerequisite(s):

  • Contact the  Departmental Advisor in the department that offers the course. So, for example, to request special permission to take a Biology course, contact the Department of Biology. Provide them with your name, student number, the course you want to register in and the reason why you can't register in it directly. [For courses offered by departments in other faculties, search for the departmental website and look for undergraduate advising contacts.]. If the department advisor agrees with the special permission, they will send their approval through our portal and an advisor will post the permission to your record.
  • If the special permission has been granted and posted to Student Center and you are not able to register for the course when your enrollment time arrives, use Western's Live Chat  to speak with a Student Central representative and ask them to enrol you in the relevant course(s); they can do this for you after your enrollment appointment (date) for as long as web registration is open.

Special Permissions are not guaranteed – they are reviewed case by case.