Courses at Affiliate University Colleges

Science students are expected to take their courses at Main Campus. Science students may take up to 1.0 course per academic session at an Affiliate ONLY if that same course is not offered at Main Campus.

Please read the Notes section found on the Timetable to determine what access will be given to you as a Main Campus student

  1. If there is no note present and the course is not offered on Main Campus, special permission will not be required to enroll.
  2. A note that reads  "Main campus students require home faculty permission”  indicates that you must receive special permission from the Science Academic Advising Office before being allowed to enroll in the Affiliate course. Submit your request for special permission to enroll in a course offered by an Affiliate through our  Help Portal.
  3. A note that reads  "Restricted to students registered at an affiliated college”  indicates that this course is being reserved for affiliate students. You will require permission first from the Affiliate, and secondly from the Science Academic Advising Office to enroll. Remember, if the course is offered at Main Campus, you are expected to take the course at Main Campus, even in cases where the Affiliate may waive the restriction; a final decision on access granted will rest with Science as your home faculty. The affiliate should submit their approval to our portal.  


Courses that are listed as “Full”

If the course is offered on campus but is full, check back on the  Timetable periodically because students are making changes on a daily basis and availability may change. If you are still not able to register by the beginning of September, please be in touch with us for further advice.