Please refer to the new Undergraduate Student Academic Appeals policy on the Academic Calendar (effective September 1, 2022).

Student appeals generally fall into one of the following:

Category 1: Requests for relief relating to a specific course (e.g., with respect to a mark, grade, appropriateness of assignments or examinations, or grading practices).

Category 2: Requests for exemption from a Senate academic regulation (e.g., progression requirements, program eligibility, graduation requirements).

Category 3: Appeals against a decision by the Academic Advising unit or Dean’s Office of the student’s Home Faculty (e.g., regarding academic considerations or academic regulations).

Category 4: Appeal of the finding of a scholastic offence or relief from a penalty resulting from a scholastic offence.

In general, Category 1 includes appeals intrinsic to a specific course, while all other categories involve appeals related to a particular student and difficulties they may have encountered.  

The category of appeal determines the route followed. As a general principle, an appeal may only proceed via one pathway. Students in doubt as to the appropriate path for their requests should consult their Associate Dean.

For students in Science, contact Prof. Ken Yeung (

For students in Medical Sciences/Neuroscience, contact Prof. Brad Urquhart (

Refer to our further category explanations to further help you prepare your appeal: