Special Permissions

If you are unable to add a course through your Student Center, it may be because you need special permission from our office. Special permission is often required to enroll in a course overload, to take a course at one of the Affiliated University Colleges, or to waive a course prerequisite.

Special Permissions are not guaranteed.

Note: Special permission requests to override course restrictions will be considered in September.

How to get special permissions reviewed and approved:

Step 1: Submit your request for Special Permission

Each type of special permission has its' own set of instructions and limitations.

Please refer to the one that relates to your situation:

Step 2: Wait for your approval from Academic Advising or your Department

Step 3: Depending on your request you may need to contact Western Live Chat to get enrolled in your approved course(s). In some situations you will be allowed to enroll yourself once the approval is granted. Try to enroll yourself, if you have issues contact Live Chat.