Science Student Donation

The Science Student Donation, an initiative of the Science Students’ Council, provides significant funding to the Faculty of Science that supports undergraduate students. Without the collective generosity of undergraduate students, items that greatly enhance the student learning experience would not be possible. In previous years, funds have been directed to supplement laboratory apparatus, expansion of computer labs, and purchasing audio-visual equipment that brings more sophisticated technology to the classroom.

Undergraduate students' needs and interests are best represented by the Science Students’ Council who recommends where donations be used. Each fall, recommendations are made based on requests from individual departments made each Spring. Contact the Science Student Council for more information.

Opt Out of the Science Student Donation

To opt out, log on to the Science Student Donation Opt Out site (active during the opt-out period) between September 1 and 30 and fill in the form.

If you opt out and you still owe tuition by the end of November, your opt-out fee will be deducted from your tuition. If not, an email will be sent to you telling you to pick up a cheque sometime around the end of November.