Academic Consideration for Absences

Throughout your academic journey, it is likely you will be faced with minor illnesses or stresses from personal situations. This is no different from what you will face once you leave the academic setting and begin your career. While significant challenges may require academic consideration, oftentimes students must adapt and perform in less-than-ideal conditions.

Maintaining high academic standards is essential at Western University. A fundamental aspect of these standards is our belief that students should not be permitted to have repeat attempts on the same assessment. This ensures fairness, consistency and integrity in evaluating every student's performance.

At Western University, with this understanding, we offer the following support systems:

Academic Consideration Policy

Our Academic Consideration policy provides students with consistent, fair, and academically appropriate consideration when they are unable to complete some component of a course due to extenuating circumstances. These considerations are only provided upon the presentation of appropriate documentation.

Significant Challenges? Reach out for Support

If you believe your current situation demands medical or professional intervention, consider requesting Academic Consideration for your assessment(s). Western offers a myriad of resources to assist students in navigating significant challenges. In the most extreme cases, we support students who opt for a leave of absence or course withdrawal, allowing them to manage their challenges and return to their studies when they are ready.

Manageable Challenges? Consider Moving Forward

If your challenges are manageable without external intervention, you should think about pressing on with your assessments. Although it may seem like the best choice at the time, delaying assessments can set you behind in your courses, making it difficult to catch up and stay on top of coursework. However, if you decide to continue with an assessment despite the challenges you face, you should be prepared to accept the resultant grades. These same challenges will not be considered as valid grounds for subsequent grade appeals.

Making a Request

Requests for Academic Consideration can be made for various reasons. Learn more about the eligibility and supporting documentation required for each type of consideration below: