• Students usually apply for an exchange program in their second year and take part in their third year. Eligibility is based on academic achievement in the  first and second year and your suitability as an ambassador for Western University.
  • Opportunities to participate in Western's Exchange Programs are limited and are awarded on a competitive basis, subject to availability. An application does not guarantee participation in the program. Normally, students who are selected will have an average of 70% or above and will be in good academic standing prior to their selection for the exchange program. Please note: Failure to maintain a 70% average may result in cancellation of your exchange. Students will be evaluated on the basis of their application form, letters of reference, and transcript.
  • Most exchange programs are open to international students studying at Western University.
  • Part-time students may apply for an exchange. All students, however, must be registered as full-time students paying full-time tuition while on the exchange.

Where do I start?

Complete details and procedures for students wishing to apply are available on the  International Exchange Program website. As a participant, you have the opportunity to study at more than 85 Universities and Institutions around the world. Be sure to attend upcoming information sessions .

I've been accepted into an exchange program, now what?

  • Confirm your acceptance in writing to the International Exchange Program and pay the required fee
  • Complete an Exchange Course Approvals form and print the course descriptions of the courses you wish to study
  • Send your form and course descriptions to Academic Advising through our Help Portal and request an appointment to discuss.
  • Submit your form to the Exchange Office. They will also ask you to fill out an application form for the Host University.
  • Approval from the Host University will take several weeks.
  • Attend a pre-departure orientation . This is mandatory. Failure to attend will result in the cancellation of your Exchange.
  • Learn about your host institution and the country you will be visiting ahead of time .

Study Abroad

Students in degree programs at Western may take courses at other accredited universities for transfer credits provided the Faculty in which they are currently registered approves such courses in advance. The approval is subject to individual Faculty/Department regulations and is granted in the form of a Letter of Permission (issued by the Registrar’s Office). Popular locations include the UK, Germany, Spain, Mexico, and more! Please visit their website for full details of the program .