Timetable conflict

If a course you want to enroll in conflicts with another course in your timetable, first try choosing another course or section that doesn’t conflict.

You can also consult with your instructors to inform them of the conflict and see if alternative arrangements can be made (e.g. enroll in a different section to avoid the conflict). This process takes time, so start early!

If the conflict is unavoidable AND you require both courses for your degree:

  1. Submit a ticket through the Help Portal (Course Registration/Special Permissions). The Academic Advisors will review your request and academic record and forward your ticket to the appropriate instructors (you listed) for review.
  2. If the request is approved, please look for any comments from your instructors including special conditions they may have added on.
  3. You will get emails once comments have been entered in the ticket, but you can view your ticket at any time here: https://westernu.atlassian.net/servicedesk/customer/portal/2 by clicking on “Requests” in the upper right corner and opening the appropriate ticket.
  4. If both instructors approve of the conflict, Academic Advising will add the approval to your record.
  5. You must then use Western's Live Chat to speak with a Student Central representative and ask them to enroll you in the relevant course(s) by the add deadline.
  6. Please note conflicts, even if accommodated by completion of this form, cannot be used as a basis for appeal and special permissions are not always granted.