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My Human Resources has a new look and feel, and provides access to all of the same information that you are used to viewing!

To see where to find information in the upgraded version click on a document below:

To learn how to view / edit your personal information click on a drop down item from the list below.

Navigate in My Human Resources

View Your Personal Information

1. Click on a Tile to go to a details page.


2) Select the information to view from the left and it will appear on the right. Note: An Arrow in an information field means that you can edit the information, or that there is additional information to view. Click on the Arrow to view or edit the info.


3) Click on the Plus Sign (+) to add information specific to the detail page.

Navigation Options

There are three different ways to navigate in My Human Resources. They are:

1. Using the four menu buttons found in the top right corner.

Screenshot of My Human Resources home page showing large tiles to choose from and four icons in the top right corner

1a) Click the Home button to go to your home page.

Home button (an image of a house)

Note:  Administrators have two views in PeopleSoft HR: Administrator Home and My Human Resources. Clicking the Home button will return Administrators to Administrator Home. All other employees have only one view and will return to My Human Resources Home.

Click the View drop down arrow at the top of the main page and select an alternate view, where applicable.

Drop down arrow and choice of Administrator Home or My Human Resources

1b) Click the Notifications Flag button when you see a red circle to see your list of action items and notifications.

The Notification flag button with a red circle and the number one indicating one message awaits

1c)  Click the Menu button to Sign Out:

  • From within Working at Western (Careers) the Menu button also displays a list of recently navigated pages.
  • On a mobile device, use the Menu button for all navigation.

Menu button - a blue square with white horizontal lines

1d) Click the Nav Bar button to open other navigation tools.

Nav Bar button - a diamond within a circle

Three choices will be available from the Nav Bar:

Nav Bar menu with the Recent Places button highlighted.

i) Recent Places to see a list of pages you recently accessed in My Human Resources.

ii) My Favorites - to see a list of pages you have book marked.  Note: to add to My Favorites, click the Menu button from the top right corner on any page and select Add to Favorites.

iii) Navigator will open the Classic Menu and navigate in an alternative format.

2. Click the arrow beside your name on any page to open an action menu.  Select a page to view from the list.

Click the Back Button to return to the previous page.  Note: avoid using the web browser back buttons.

Determine my user ID and password

  • The Western Personal Computer Account you were assigned consists of a User ID and a Password.  Your User ID is most often the first part of your email address. (Example: John Doe’s email address is  His User ID is "jdoe".)
  • Your User ID and password were assigned to you by Information Technology Services (ITS). If you do not know your User ID and Password, please contact the ITS Help Desk at 519-661-3800 (on campus call ext. 83800). ITS will require your Western ID number. If you do not know your Western ID number, call Human Resources at 519-661-2194 (ext. 82194 on campus).
  • If you are a student employee or a student who has been provided with access to My Human Resources, you may have been assigned a User ID and Password that are different from those you use to login to student applications. If you have two user names and passwords, use the non-student information to log into My Human Resources.

Get help with My HR

Protect your private information

  • Be sure to sign off when you are done working in My Human Resources.
  • If you are working on a public or shared computer, clear your computer's cache (memory of sites visited). The method for clearing cache is different for each Internet browser and updated version. Check your browser's help files or see these WikiHow instructions for clearing your cache.

View earning statements

Viewing on a computer

1) Login to My Human Resources and select Pay.

Image of the Pay tile on My HR home page

2) Select View Earning Statement from the left and click on the earning statement you would like to view from the listing on the right.


To view previous statements, click on the filter icon, select the dates you wish to view and click Done.

Note: Statements open in a pop-up Window.  If you are unable to view statements, the pop-up blocker on your Internet browser is turned on.  While you may receive a message that allows you to temporarily allow pop-ups, you may also wish to change your browser settings. Get help troubleshooting.  

Viewing on a mobile device

1) Login to My Human Resources and Select “Pay”.

Image of pay tile located on My HR homepage

2) Select "View Earning Statement".

 Image of Payroll and Compensation menu with View Earnings Statement highlighted.

3) Click on the earning statement you would like to view.

Image of a list of dates for pay and one date highlighted

A Paycheque Summary opens.

- To see more pay details click on the links at bottom, for example Earnings.  Next, select the tabs at top to view the data for the Selected Cheque or Year to Date.  Click X to close the pay details page and Paycheque Summary page.

To view previous statements, click on the small filter icon, select the dates you wish to view and click Done.

Enter direct deposit banking information for your pay

1) Login to My Human Resources and select Pay.


2) Select Direct Deposit Account.

3) Click on Edit if you wish to add or change the account information for direct deposit of your pay.

4) Enter the Branch ID number (5 digits), and the Account Number and select the Type of Account.

5) Click Save.

Note: Click on View Cheque Example for helpful information on how find your bank information on a cheque. After you have entered and saved your information, the name of your bank should appear below the numerical information you have entered.

Opt to have your earning statements mailed to you

1) Login to My Human Resources and select Pay.

2) Select Direct Deposit Account.

Below the information on the direct deposit account you will see an option Click here if you want a printed earnings statement automatically distributed to you via Canada Post.

3) Click the first option Send a paper copy of earnings to my home address and click Save.

Complete your tax credit form- TD1/TD1ON

1. Login to My Human Resources and Select Pay.

2. Select Personal Tax Credit Information.

3. At the bottom of the Tax Credit Information Summary, you will see Go To choices.


3a. The first Go To menu choice is Fill out new YYYY Tax Credit Return Forms – TD1/TD1ON. It allows you to change your tax credit elections. 

You may select the arrow beside View Last TD1/TD1ONB Tax Credit Return Forms to see what was previously selected,

or you may select the arrow beside New YYYY Tax Credit Return Forms TD1/TD1ON.

Click Done Federal Form (TD1) to submit it to Human Resources.
Click Cancel or Return to Tax Summary to exit without submitting changes.

3b. The second Go To menu choice is Change Additional Tax to be Deducted Amount, which allows you to request additional tax to be taken from your pay.

When filling out the new forms, click on the arrows to get further information to assist you in completing the forms. Don't forget to click Done when you are finished.

Update your personal details such as address

1) Login to My Human Resources and select Personal Details.

2) Select the details you wish to update, for example “Home Address”.

3) Click on the information field to update, for example Home Address.

3a) Type the information and click Save when you are finished.

Some information fields allow you to add more than one item, for example  - Emergency Contacts.  To add a new contact, click on the plus sign, enter the information and click Save when you are finished.


Register for a training course

Please visit the Register for a Training Course page.

View my training records

Go to Provide Proof of Training to learn how to view / print a list of required and other Western Professional learning courses taken at Western.

Go to: Training Records on Human Resources if you are an administrator and want to learn how to run a training report for all employees in your department. Note: you will require access to the Administrator Toolbox.

View or apply for a position on Working at Western

Please visit our detailed guide called Applying to Working at Western.