How do I...

My Human Resources is a secure, online application where Western faculty and staff can view and update information related to their employment relationship. You can access My HR on a laptop, tablet or smart phone. 

Use My HR

To learn how to navigate My HR and use several of its main features, such as viewing and editing your personal information, please visit My HR - How do I (Western ID/login required).

Access My HR

To learn how to access My HR, please select a drop-down item from the list below.

Determine my user ID and password

  • To access My Human Resources you need to login with your Western Identity (User ID and Password). Your User ID is most often the first part of your email address. (Example: John Doe’s email address is His User ID is "jdoe##".)
  • Your User ID and password were assigned to you by Western Technology Services (WTS). If you do not know your User ID and Password, please contact the WTS Help Desk. WTS will require your Western ID Number. If you do not know your Western ID number, use ASK HR to contact Human Resources.
  • Most student employees (or students who have been provided with access to My Human Resources) are set up under their student number and can login with their User ID and password used for student systems. Some students are set up under an employee ID number associated with a different User ID and Password assigned in the past as an employee. Use this login information for My Human Resources. If you are not sure ASK HR for assistance.

Get help with My HR

  • If you are having password or User ID trouble contact the Western Technology Services Help Desk.
  • If you are experiencing difficulty with a specific browser please try a different browser or read our troubleshooting tips.
  • If you have questions or problems after you have logged in to My Human Resources, select the “help” tiles found throughout, which open web pages with helpful guides (Western ID/Login required).
  • For any other questions about using My Human Resources, please ASK HR.


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