Human Resources

Administrative Officers

This information is intended to assist administrative officers to understand their role when a Western employee or faculty member informs you they are planning to welcome a new child.

  1. Please direct employees to the Pregnancy/Parental/Adoption Leave website, and ask them to use the Pregnancy/Parental Leave Information Request Form to contact Human Resources to inform them of the intended leave. Human Resources can then offer details on eligibility for leave and the Supplemental Employment Insurance Benefit, help plan for continuation of benefits, etc.
  2. You will need to file a Leave/Irregular Workweek Form with Human Resources in advance of the start of the leave. Please ensure that this form reaches HR well in advance of the deadline for monthly pay.
  3. You may assist the employee/faculty member to consider if there are others in the department who should be notified of the intended leave. This could include:
    • Direct supervisor
    • Chair, department head, Dean
  4. A number of employees have more than one position at Western.  An individual must be on leave from all employment positions, otherwise a Record of Employment cannot be filed and the individual will not be able to receive EI.
  5. Important notes:
    • A paid pregnancy leave may begin as early as eight weeks before the baby’s due date.
    • A pregnancy leave (birth mother) must begin by the earlier of the due date or the date of birth.
    • Parental leave (mother or father) may not start until the baby is born/adopted.
  6. Please advise employee that, whenever possible, it is better to begin a leave on a Saturday to better coordinate with Employment Insurance.
  7. Please discuss whether the employee would like to use vacation to extend their leave (vacation continues to accrue during leave). Where an employee has or will accumulate excessive vacation, ensure a plan is in place and approvals have been sought where necessary. It is preferable to have vacation taken at the end of leave, rather than at the beginning of a leave.

Special information re: GTA's

If you have any questions about departmental procedures regarding Pregnancy/Parental/Adoption Leave, please contact the Human Resources Communication Centre at 519-661-2194 or

This website is provided for information and planning purposes for Western employees only.  While every effort has been made to ensure its accuracy, if any conflict exists between the information on this website and the provisions of the various collective agreements or applicable legislation, the collective agreements or legislation prevail.