Minor in French Studies

Admission Requirements: Completion of first-year requirements, including French 1900E or French 1910 or French 1999 with a mark of at least 60%, or permission of the Department based on the Placement Test (required score: 70% or above).

Course load: 4.0 senior courses


  • Both of French 2605F/G and French 2606F/G are prerequisites for French 3500-3799
  • French 2805A/B and French 2806A/B are prerequisites for French 3800-3889.
Language courses (2.0 courses)
1.0 course from
  • 2905A/B Language and Reading
  • 2906A/B Language and Expression
  • 2907A/B Writing Workshop in French
1.0 course from
  • 3905A/B Reading Texts
  • 3906A/B Speaking Texts
  • 3907A/B Writing Texts
  • 3908A/B Intensive Grammar Review
  • 3900 Advanced Language (III)
Core courses (1.5 courses)
1.0 course from
  • 2605F/G Reading Literature in French: Middle Ages to Romanticism
  • 2606F/G Reading Literature in French: Modernity to Postmodernity
  • 2805A/B General Linguistics in French: Sounds Patterns
  • 2806A/B General Linguistics in French: From Sound to Meaning
0.5 course from
  • French courses in the range 3500-3889
  • French courses in the range 4040-4899
Additional courses (0.5 course)
0.5 course
  • French at the 2300 level or above
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