Aleksandra Zecevic, PhD

Aleksandra Zecevic

Associate Professor

Room 220, HSB
519 661-2111 x80455


  • MSc, PhD (Western University)
  • BSc, MSc (University of Sarajevo, Yugoslavia)

Supervising Graduate Students

  • Yes

Research Interests

  • Aging and health
  • Gerontology
  • Falls and injury prevention in the elderly (systems approach)
  • Safety culture in health care
  • Dementia, stroke, osteoporosis, arthritis
  • Biomechanics (gait, balance, mobility)
  • Age Friendly Cities

Additional Information

Recent Publications

  • Sibalija, J., Ciminsky, M.L., Fuchigami, K., He, MH. L.S, Chen, Y., Trevithick, J., Bickerton, G., & Zecevic, A.A. (2016) Potential implications of mail delivery conversion on older adults’ risk of falls in the winter. Western Undergraduate Research Journal (published online May, 2016).
  • Watson, B., Salmoni, A., & Zecevic, A. (2016). The use of the Morse fall scale in an acute care hospital. Clinical Nursing Studies, 4(2), 32-40. DOI: 10.5430/cns.v4n2p32
  • Montero-Odaso, M., Bherer, L., Studenski, S., Gopaul, K., Otehng-Amoako, A, Woolmore-Goodwing, S. Stoole, P., Wells, J., Doherty, T., Zecevic, A., Galinski, D., Reylet, J., Jutai, J., Muir-Hunter, S., Speechley, M., & Camicioli, R. (2015) Mobility and cognition in seniors. Report from the Institute of Aging (CIHR) Mobility and Cognition Workshop. Canadian Geriatrics Journal. 18(3), 159-167. DOI 10.5770/cgj.18
  • Woolmore-Goodwin, S., Kloseck, M., Fogarty, J., Gutmanis, I., & Zecevic, A. (2015) The experience of caring for a loved one with amnestic mild cognitive impairment. American Journal of Alzheimer's Disease and Other Dementias. DOI 10.1177/1533317515594507. (Published online August 18, 2015)
  • Watson, B., Salmoni, A., & Zecevic, A. (2015). Falls in an acute care hospital as reported in the adverse event management system. Journal of Hospital Administration, 4(4). DOI 10.5430/jha.v4n4p84
  • Gotzmeister, D., Zecevic, A., Salmoni, A., & Klinger, L. (2015) “People are getting lost a little bit”: Systemic factors that contribute to falls in community-dwelling octogenarians. Canadian Journal on Aging, 34(3), 397-410. DOI 10.1017/S071498081500015X
  • Dellamora, M., Zecevic, A., Baxter, D., Cramp, A., Fitzsimons, D., & Kloseck, M. (2015) Review of assessment tools for baseline and follow-up measurement of age-friendliness. Ageing International, 40, 149-164. DOI 10.1007/s12126-014-9218-7.
  • Jogi, P., Overend, T.J., Spaulding, S.J., Zecevic, A., & Kramer, J.F. (2015). Effectiveness of balance exercises in the acute post-operative phase following total hip and knee arthroplasty: A randomized clinical trial.  SAGE Open Medicine, January-December, vol. 3. DOI 10.1177/2050312115570769.
  • Woolrych, R., Zecevic, A., Sixsmith, A., Sims-Gould, J., Robinovitch, S.N., Feldman, F., & Chaudhury, H. (2014) Using Video Capture to Investigate the Causes of Falls in Long-term Care. The Gerontologist, 44(3), 483-494.
  • Dilley LB, Grey SM, Zecevic A, Gaspard G, Symes B, Feldman F, Sott V, Woolrych R, Sixsmith A, McKay H, Robinovich S & Sims-Gould J. (2014). An educational video to promote multi-factorial approaches to fall injury prevention in long-term care facilities. BMC Medical Education, 14, 102.
  • McIntyre A, Zecevic A & Diachun L. (2014). Influenza vaccinations: Older adults’ decision-making process. Canadian Journal on Aging, 33(1), 92-98, doi: 10.1017/S0714980813000640
  • Klenk J, Chiari L, Helbostad JL, Zijlstra W, Aminian K, Todd C, Bandinelli S, Kerse N, Schwickert L, Melone S, Bagalá F, Delbaere K, Hauer K, Redmond S, Robinovitch S, Aziz O, Schwenk M, Zecevic A, Zieschang T & Becker C for the FARSEEING Consortium and the FARSEEING Meta-Database Consensus Group. (2013). Development of a standard fall data format for signals of body-worn sensors: the FARSEEING consensus. Z Gerontol Geriat, 46, 720-726, doi: 10.1007/s00391-013-0554-0
  • Halligan M, Zecevic A, Kothari A, Salmoni A & Orchard T. (2014). Understanding safety culture in long-term care: A case study. Journal of Patient Safety, doi: 10.1097/PTS.0b013e31829d4ae7

Research Affiliations

  • CIHR, RNAO, ONF, OSN, New Horizons for Seniors
  • Simon Fraser University, BC; Gerontology Research Centre, Vancouver, BC
  • Associate Scientist with Lawson Health Research Institute since 2014, collaborator with London Health Sciences Centre and St. Joseph’s Health Care London
  • The University of Western Ontario collaborators: Ivey School of Business, Social Sciences (Aging and Health Research Centre), Engineering, Teaching Support Centre
  • Community partners: Age Friendly London Network, Alzheimer Society, Parkinson Society, Revera Living, Chelsey Park, Dearness Home, VON, CCAA, Cherryhill Healthy Aging Program

Teaching Areas

  • Health Issues in Aging
  • Gerontology in Practice - community service learning
  • Aging in Motion/Biomechanics of Aging
  • Bio-psycho-social Dimensions of Aging
  • Mixed Methods Design
  • Current Topics in Health and Aging


  • International D2L Brightspace Innovation Award in Teaching and Learning, from the Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education, Canada, Winner - 2015
  • Edward G. Pleva Award for Excellence in Teaching, the Western University, Nominee - 2014
  • Pillar Nonprofit Community Innovation Award, Community Collaboration category for the Gerontology in Practice a Community Service-Learning course, Winner - 2012
  • Marilyn Robinson Award for Excellence in Teaching, Western University, Nominee - 2012
  • Western Community Service Learning Award, Winner - 2011
  • Faculty of Health Sciences Teaching Award of Excellence, Winner - 2011
  • Bank of Nova Scotia, the UWO Alumni Association and the University Student’s Council Award of Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching, Winner - 2010
  • Canadian Institutes for Health Research, Institute of Aging ‘Age Plus Prize’ Winner - 2007

Professional Activities

  • Member of the Canadian Association on Gerontology (since 2003)
  • Fellow of the Gerontological Society of America (2016) and member since 2003
  • Invited reviewer for Canadian Journal on Aging, the Open Longevity Science Journal, the Archives of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, BioMed Central, the Australian Occupational Therapy Journal and the Journal of Aging and Physical Activity.
  • Collaborator on the Technology for Injury Prevention in Seniors (TIPS), SFU and UBC, Vancouver, BC.
  • Invited external expert at the European Union consensus building meeting for the FARSEEING project, Stuttgart, Germany.
  • Invited expert and panel member for the development of the RNAO Best Practice Guideline: Prevention of Falls and Fall Injuries (2016-2017)