Elysée Nouvet, PhD

Elysse Nouvet

Assistant Professor

Room 215, HSB
519 661-2111 x82217

Education and Training

  • Postdoctoral Fellowship (McMaster)
  • PhD (York)
  • MA (Concordia)
  • MA (Goldsmiths College; University of London) 

Academic Appointments

  • McMaster University: Department of Health Evidence, Methods, and Impact

Supervising Graduate Students

  • Yes

Research Interests

  • Global Health and Global Health Research: Perceptions, power, ethics
  • Humanitarian healthcare
  • Social determinants, responses to, and impacts of suffering
  • Pain and palliative care across cultures
  • Best practices in research with marginalized populations

Additional Information

Feature Project/Publications

Recent Publications

  • Powell R A; L Schwartz; E Nouvet; B Sutton; M Petrova; J Marston; D Munday; L Radbruch. Providing palliative care in humanitarian crises: Always something to offer. The Lancet. 389(178):1498-9. (2017)
  • Nouvet E; E Chan; L Schwartz. “Looking good but doing harm? Nicaraguan perceptions of short term medical missions.” Global Public Health. DOI 10.1080/17441692.2016.1220610. (2016)
  • C Loignon, E Nouvet, L Benhadj, R Fowler, S. Murthy, N Adhikari, F Lamontagne. Delivery of supportive care during an Ebola outbreak: defining minimal requirements and identifying barriers and facilitators towards creating international guidelines. Longueuil: Université de Sherbrooke, Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences. (2016)
  • Nouvet E. “Extraordinary aid and its shadow: The significance of gratitude in Nicaraguan humanitarian healthcare.” Critique of Anthropology, 36(3) 1-20. (2016)
  • Sinding C, C Graham, E Nouvet, J Vengris. “Personal stories, public voices: performance for public making.” InTensions Fall/Winter 8 1-34. http://www.yorku.ca/intent/issue8/notefromtheeditors/notefromtheeditors.pdf (2016)
  • Nouvet E, P Strachan, J Kryworuchko, J Downar, JJ You. “Waiting for the Body to Fail: Limits of End-of-Life Communication in Canadian Hospitals.” Mortality. Vol. 21 (4): 1-17. (2016)
  • Nouvet E, C Abu-Sada, S DeLaat, C Wang, L Schwartz. “Opportunities and challenges of perceptions studies for humanitarian contexts.” Canadian Journal of Development Studies. 37(3): 358-377. (2016)
  • Kryworuchko, J, P Strachan, E Nouvet, J Downar, JJ You. "Factors influencing Communication And Decision Making About Life-Sustaining Technology during Serious Illness: A Qualitative Study". BMJ Open 6(5):1-11. (2016)
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  • Nouvet E. “Some Carry On, Some Stay in Bed: (In)convenient affects and agency in neoliberal Nicaragua.” Cultural Anthropology. 29(1):80-102. (2014)
  • Hunt M, Schwartz L, Pringle J, Boulanger R, Nouvet E. “A research agenda for humanitarian health ethics.” PLOS Currents Disasters. (2014)

Research Biography

Elysée Nouvet is a medical anthropologist whose work is united by commitment to bringing the lived experiences of those on the receiving end of initiatives developed in the name of health equity and humanity to bear on understandings and assessments of the value, limits, and impacts of those initiatives.

Her doctoral work (2011, York University) focused on the social determinants, expression, and impacts of pain and distress in a Nicaraguan shanty. Since then, she has developed and co-led research on perceptions and moral experiences of short-term medical missions in Central America, end-of-life care in Canadian hospitals, clinical trials during the West-Africa ebola epidemic, and palliative care in disasters and public health emergencies. She is also co-investigator in an arts-informed project exploring, in collaboration with a number of community groups public performances of need and care in Hamilton, Ontario.

Her current program of research is funded by the Wellcome Trust/Save the Children/DFID R2HC (Research for Health in Humanitarian Crises) program and the Social Sciences Research Council of Canada (Project grant and Partnership Development Grants).

Teaching Areas

  • Global health: ethics, politics, practice
  • Mental health: critical social and cross-cultural perspectives
  • Social determinants of health