Tara Mantler, PhD

Assistant Professor

Room 332, HSB
519 661-2111 x85541


  • MSc, PhD (Western University)
  • BHSc (Western University)

Graduate Program Supervision

  • Health & Rehabilitation Sciences MSc | PhD

Research In Profile

Professor Tara Mantler's program of research focuses on women’s health wherein she seeks to explore, understand, and test interventions to improve the health of women. Her research examines women’s health with an emphasis on the intersection with intimate partner violence, rurality, and mothering. As an equity researcher her methods are grounded in an intersectional lens, focusing on power dynamics and how the various roles women possess in their lives impact approaches to health and interactions with health systems/services. Within her program of research, her interests fall into two areas: 1) Intimate Partner Violence (IPV)- Examining the impact of intimate partner violence on women’s health; and 2) Maternal/Child Health- Examining factors that influence maternal decision making and subsequently maternal/child health

Featured Publications and Projects

Articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals

  • Mantler, T., Wathen, C.N., Burd, C., MacGregor, J. C. D., McLean, I. Veenendaal, J. & The Violence Against Women Services in a Pandemic Research Team (2022). Navigating Multiple Pandemics: A Critical Analysis of the Impact of COVID-19 Policy Responses on Gender-Based Violence Services. Critical Social Policy, DOI:10.1177/02610183221088461 
  • Mantler, T., Jackson, K.T., Walsh, E.J., Jackson, B., Baer, J.R., & Parkinson, S. (2021). Promoting Attachment Through Healing (PATH): Results of a Retrospective Feasibility Study Providing Trauma-and-Violence-Informed Care to Pregnant Women. Journal of Advanced Nursing, DOI:10.1111/jan.15117
  • Jackson, K. T., Mantler, T., Stoyanovich, E., Davidson, C. A.*, Walsh, E., Lemenchick, O., Merner, K., & Castles, L. (2021). A Guide to anticipatory guidance: A concept analysis. Nursing Forum. https://doi.org/10.1111/nuf.12587.
  • Mantler, T., Veenendaal, J., & Wathen, C.N. (2021). Exploring the use of Hotels as Alternative Housing by Domestic Violence Shelters During COVID-19. International Journal on Homelessness 1(1), 32-49. 
  • Mantler, T., Jackson, K. T., Shillington, K., Walsh, E. J., Tobah, S., Jackson, B., & Davidson, C*. A. (2021). Factors influencing rural women's disclosure of intimate partner violence: a qualitative study. SN Social Sciences, 1(1), 1-19. 
  • Mantler, T., Jackson, K.T., Walsh, E, Tobah, S., Shillington, K., and Jackson, B. (2020) Sharing Personal Experiences of Accessibility and Knowledge of Violence: A Qualitative Study. Journal of Interpersonal Violence. DOI: 10.1177/0886260520920867

Additional Information


  • The Marilyn Robinson Award for Excellence in Teaching 2019
  • Fellowship in Teaching Innovation 2019

Professional Activities

  • Nursing Network on Violence Against Women International (Reviewer)
  • Journal of Intimate Partner Violence (Reviewer)