Ken Kirkwood, PhD

Associate Professor and Undergradute Chair

Room 218, HSB
519 661-2111 x86583
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  • PhD (Western University)
  • MA (Queen's University)

Graduate Program Supervision

  • Health and Rehabilitation Sciences MSc | PhD

Research In Profile

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Featured Publications and Projects

Articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals

  • Kirkwood K. (2020). Cheating of Olympic proportions: The genealogy of Samaranch’s deployment of “cheating.” Olimpianos-Journal of Olympic Studies 4, 1-9.
  • Lamb, C., Babenko-Mould, Y., Evans, M., Wong, C. A., & Kirkwood, K. W. (2019). Conscientious objection and nurses: Results of an interpretive phenomenological study. Nursing Ethics, 26(5), 1337–1349.
  • Lamb, C., Evans, M., Babenko-Mould, Y. Wong, C. A., & Kirkwood, K. W. (2019). Nurses’ use of conscientious objection and the implications for conscience. Journal of Advanced Nursing 75 (3), 594-602.
  • Lamb, C., Evans, M., Babenko-Mould, Y. Wong, C. A., & Kirkwood, K. W. (2019). Conscience, conscientious objection, and nursing: A concept analysis. Nursing Ethics 26 (1), 37-49.
  • Kirkwood K. (2018). Directed qualitative content analysis: the description and elaboration of its underpinning methods and data analysis process. Journal of Research in Nursing 23 (1), 56-57.
  • A Oudshoorn, K Kirkwood. (2017). The geographic scope of opiate substitution therapy in an urban area in Canada. Drugs: Education, Prevention and Policy 24 (5), 369-375.
  • Kirkwood K. (2017). Addiction to Anabolic-androgenic Steroids: A Review. Journal of Pharmaceutical Research, 16(3), 1-6. 
  • Kirkwood K. (2016). Comorbidities: Pertussis and Moral Certainty. Narrative Inquiry in Bioethics 6 (3), 163-166.

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Current Grants and Research Projects

Ongoing Projects

  • Ethnographic and narrative descriptions of doping behaviours amongst high-level powerlifters
  • Cognitive-enhancement drug use and practices amongst Canadian university students
  • Anabolic steroid misuse amongst non-competitive athlete populations

Featured Graduate Student Projects

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  • Western University's Award of Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching (2020)
  • Faculty of Health Sciences Recognition of Teaching Excellence (2019)
  • Faculty of Health Sciences Recognition of Teaching Excellence (2017)