Louis Charland, PhD

Louis Charland


Room 214, HSB
519 661-2111 x86445


  • PhD (Western University)
  • BA, MA (Carleton)

Academic Appointments

  • Departments of Philosophy and Psychiatry

Supervising Graduate Students

  • Yes

Research Interests

  • History and Philosophy of Psychiatry
  • History and Philosophy of the Affective Sciences
  • Informed consent and decisional capacity in cases of mental disorders
  • Specialty Areas: Anorexia Nervosa, Addiction, Hysteria and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder

Additional Information

Recent Publications

  • Wada K., Hanlon J., Bellingham G., Charland L.C. Perspectives of patients with chronic non-cancer back pain on their decision-making about treatment for pain. Revised article submitted to Pain Medicine.
  • Charland, Louis C. (2020). Ethical Issues in Addiction. A Puzzling Anomaly: Decision-Making Capacity and Research on Addiction Research. In Doug MacKay & Ana Iltis (eds.) Oxford Handbook of Research Ethics. Oxford: Oxford University Press. (In press)
  • Charland, Louis C., Thomas Musto. (2020). History of Psychiatric Ethics. In Stephen Green and Sydney Bloch (Eds.) Psychiatric Ethics 5th Edition. Oxford: Oxford University Press. (In press)
  • Charland, Louis C. (2020). Decision-Making Capacity. Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy. Major Revisions and Additions to 2008 and 2011 versions. (With Jennifer Hawkins, Department of Philosophy. Duke University). Revision 2 Resubmitted.
  • Charland, Louis C. (2019). William James on Passion and Emotion: The Influence of Théodule Ribot. Emotion Review. First Published February 28, 2019. Print Edition: Emotion Review, Vol 11, Issue 3, 2019, 224-246. https://doi.org/10.1177/1754073918821438
  • Wada K, Charland L.C., Bellingham G. (2018). Can women in labor give informed consent to epidural analgesia?. Bioethics. 2018;00:1–12. ; Print edition Bioethics, 33(4), 475-486.https://doi.org/10.1111/bioe.12517
  • Charland, L.C. (2018). Lost in Myth, Lost in Translation: Philippe Pinel’s 1809 Medico-Philosophical Treatise on Mental Alienation. International Journal of Mental Health. Aug 30, 2018, 47(3), 245-249.
  • Charland, L.C. Lemmens, T., & Wada, K. (2016). Decision-Making Capacity and Medical Aid in Dying. Journal of Ethics in Mental Health, Open Volume, 1-14. 
  • Charland, Louis C. (2014). The Distinction between “Passion” and “Emotion” – Vincenzo Chiarugi, a Case Study. History of Psychiatry. December (25)4, 477-484.

Research Affiliations

  • Centre for the History of Emotion, University of London, Queen Mary, United.
  • Partner Investigator, Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for the History of Emotion, Perth Australia
  • Editorial Board, Philosophy, Psychiatry, Psychology.
  • Editorial Board, Journal of Ethics and Mental Health.
  • Editorial Board, American Journal of Bioethics (AJOB) Neuroscience
  • Editorial Board, Emotions: History, Culture Society
  • Editorial Board: Emotion Review
  • Executive Committee, Association for the Advancement of Philosophy and Psychiatry
  • Executive Committee, International Society for Research on Emotion (2009-2012)

Teaching Areas

  • Foundations of Affective Science
  • Theoretical Foundations of Mental Health Treatment and Diagnosis
  • Spirituality, Healing, and Health
  • History of Medicine and Psychiatry


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