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Nomination and Selection Process

The Western Award of Excellence is the highest level of campus-wide recognition for the exceptional performance of Western staff (individuals and teams).

Who is eligible for nomination?

  • Any active full-time or part-time Western staff member is eligible (excludes full-time students and faculty).
  • Any work team is eligible.

Limits on nominations

  • Staff and faculty at affiliated university colleges are not eligible.
  • Self-nominations are not accepted.
  • Past award recipients become ineligible for three years beyond date of receipt.

Who may nominate?

  • Anyone internal or external to the Western community who interacts with staff.

How to Nominate

Step 1:  Download a  nomination form (Word). Complete the nominator and nominee information on the nomination form. 

Step 2:  Tell the story!   Complete the  "Description of Nominee"  section by providing specific examples of how/why your nominee should be considered for the Award. See Tips below.

Please note:

  • Supporting letters are not required but are acceptable;
  • The total nomination submission, including nomination letters, should be a maximum of 8 pages;
  • Preferably the nomination form should be filled out using Microsoft Word (however legible handwriting is accepted)

Step 3: Email the completed nomination package to staff.recognition@uwo.ca.

Tips for writing your Western Award of Excellence nomination

It's important to know that award recipients are selected based solely on the information you provide in your nomination materials. 

Some questions to ponder and answer within your examples:

  • How does this person or team put aside self interest?
  • What is the impact this person or team leaves with students, faculty, co-workers, alumni and/or community members?
  • How does this person or team go above and beyond their normal role expectations?

Provide good examples:

Instead of writing:  “John is always thinking of others" explain “how” by writing something like:

“A typical example of John’s efforts to share his knowledge and expertise with others includes the time he organized a series of educational sessions for new staff in our area. He even arranged for guest speakers from across campus to share information about their services.”

Use examples that demonstrate the nominee’s involvement at Western:

Contributes to providing an outstanding Western Experience:

  • Make Western a great place to work, learn and live
  • Pursue a standard of excellence
  • Go above and beyond their jobs
  • Demonstrate creativity and innovation
  • Demonstrate personal initiative
  • Maintain a positive attitude in a front line service

Promotes leadership and personal growth

  • Share their knowledge and expertise with others
  • Motivate others with friendliness
  • Cooperate with others
  • Support and serve others
  • Provide an example through their commitment to personal development and growth

Builds and fosters Western’s Core Values of Integrity, Respect and Commitment to Service.

Selection process

The Selection Committee - The Western Award of Excellence Selection Committee is made up of representatives from Western’s campus community. Members of the 2023 Selection Committee are:

  • Staff Member (PMA) - Michelle Stubnya
  • Staff Member (UWOSA) - Karen Vankerkoerle
  • Faculty Member - Nigmendra Narain
  • USC - Student Rep - Azaad Gill
  • Alumni Association Rep - Sandra Datars Bere
  • Senior Administrator - Andrew Fuller
  • Retiree - Peggy Wakabayashi

Process: All nominees will be informed of their nomination. If the individual or work team you have nominated is selected for an award you will be contacted to make arrangements to:

  • Notify the honouree(s) regarding their selection as an award recipient.
  • Advise you of your role at the Western Award of Excellence Ceremony.

Recognition of all nominees - Being nominated for The Western Award of Excellence is an important accomplishment. In recognition of this milestone, all nominees will be recognized with a letter of congratulations from the Award of Excellence Organizing Committee.

If you have questions about the awards, please contact  staff.recognition@uwo.ca

Background on the Award of Excellence

A Staff Recognition Task Force, established in August 2004, explored ways to create and enhance recognition provided to and by staff at Western. This Task Force was composed of staff group representatives from across the campus community. Western’s Strategic Plan, Making Choices, was a driving force behind the Staff Recognition Task Force’s work. This plan recognizes the need to recruit and retain the “best people in a competitive environment” and, with respect to Western Staff, there is a commitment to “facilitate staff development and encourage exceptional performance.”

The Staff Recognition Task Force was responsible for the development of the Western Award of Excellence. To help guide the creation of this new staff recognition, they held a series of focus groups to get input from the campus community resulting in the launch of the awards in 2005.