Award of Excellence

2019 TWAE

2019 Western Award of Excellence

Congratulations to the 2019 Western Award of Excellence recipients and all those who were nominated for this award. This award is the highest level of campus-wide recognition for the exceptional performance of Western staff. 

Each year Western faculty, staff, students & alumni are invited to nominate an individual staff member or a team of staff who make an outstanding contribution to our campus community.

This year's recipients were formally recognized at the Western Award of Excellence Ceremony held in Conron Hall, University College.

Watch for call for nominations for the 2020 Western Award of Excellence. If you have questions about the awards please contact

Since the awards began 122 Western staff have received the Western Award of Excellence and over 700 outstanding staff have been nominated.

2019 recipients of The Western Award of Excellence

  • Andrea Legato - Faculty of Health Sciences

  • Angelica Lucaci - Faculty of Social Science

  • Rebecca Northcott - Faculty of Social Science

  • Fred Ross - Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry

  • Julaine Hall - Research Western

  • Robin Keirstead - Western Libraries

  • eLearning Technology Team - Western Technology Services

    - Deanna Grogan, Shawn Foster, Adam Pypstra, Jen Sadler, Ramon Sanchez

Western News story about the 2019 recipients.