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Western ranks as one of Canada’s top research-intensive universities. From fundamental to applied discovery and other scholarly activities, its scholars advance knowledge that provides tangible benefits for the economic, social, health and cultural development of citizens in London, in Canada and around the world.

Western Research supports scholars through collaboration, communication and service.

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Low funding for universities puts students at risk for cycles of poverty, especially in the wake of COVID-19

Canadians' publicly funded post-secondary education system has been eroded over time, diminishing the promise it once held to protect people from poverty. We should demand change.

Even in 2020, a double standard is still applied to women in the spotlight

Women in visible leadership positions are subject to personal attacks as less competent and reliable than their male colleagues. Acknowledging this double standard is the first step in addressing it.

'No physical injuries' minimizes the emotional trauma of assault survivors

Police news releases and media reporting of assault incidents sometimes mention victims suffered no physical injuries. Here's why that's so dismissive and harmful.

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