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Contract Negotiations

Western Campus in the fall

Western’s reputation for excellence in teaching, research and providing The Best Student Experience is a reflection of accomplishments by our nearly 10,000 employees – both faculty and staff, full-time and part-time. 

Western has 12 employee groups with whom we negotiate collective agreements that govern the terms of employment. These employees range from faculty to researchers and librarians, hospitality, facilities and administrative professionals. Collective agreements vary in length, terms and conditions, depending on the bargaining unit. They all take place in accordance with rules set out by the Ontario Labour Relations Act.

Collective bargaining is a key aspect of employee relations at Western and the University approaches all negotiations with the goal of achieving agreements that are mutually reasonable and fiscally responsible. 

The University believes negotiations should take place at the bargaining table and not through media. We also recognize, however, Western’s role in informing the entire university community of the status of negotiations and in answering factual and logistical questions as needed.