Chemistry Core and Electives

Each of our Honors Specialization in ChemistrySpecialization in Chemistry and Honors Specialization in Biochemistry and Chemistry modules consists of three parts: Chemistry core, electives, and a research project.

What is the Chemistry Core?

The Chemistry Core is a set of 12 half-courses (6.0 credits) required in all of the three modules. It covers the following areas of chemistry:

Analytical: 2272, 3372
Inorganic: 2271, 2281, 3371
Organic: 2273, 2283, 3373
Physical: 2374, 2384, 3374
Interdisciplinary: 3370


In addition to the core, the Honours Specialization in Chemistry and Specialization in Chemistry modules involve an elective component as detailed below.

Biochemical Content Requirement

Choose 1 half course (0.5 credit) from: 

Biochem 2280
Chem 3391
Chem 4493


Chemistry Electives

Choose 4 half-courses (2.0 credits) from:

Chem 3300, Chem 3320, Chem 3330, Chem 3364, Chem 3391, Chem 3393, Chem 4400, Chem 4444, Chem 4471, Chem 4472, Chem 4473, Chem 4474, Chem 4481, Chem 4483, Chem 4493, Chem 4494







Note: Not all courses listed abvove are offered every year. Courses appearing on both lists may be counted only once toward modular requirements. 

Anyone who meets the pre-requisites can take these offerings at any time. For example, you can take a fourth-year course in your third year, but be aware of restrictions and anti-requisites.
The Honours Specialization in Biochemistry and Chemistry module requires 3.5 additional Biochemistry courses as specified in the Academic Calendar.

Research Project

Chem 4491E (1.5 credits)  

All of the 12 'Chemistry Core’ courses must be completed BEFORE enrolling in Chem 4491: No exceptions or specials permissions are possible.

Please note the  policies on Dean’s Honor List and Graduation with Distinction, and restrictions on Gold Medals. If you take too few courses, you may not qualify for these honours, despite obtaining very high averages.