Robert Hudson


Contact Information

Title: Professor
Office: Rm 222 ChB
Labs: 200 & 201 ChB
Phone (Office): ext 86349

Organic Teaching Division

Chemical Biology and Biomaterials

Synthetic and Bioorganic Chemistry of Nucleic Acids and Peptides

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  • Faculty Scholar 2010-2012
  • USC Bank of Nova Scotia Alumni Award of Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching 2009-2010
  • President's Occupational Health & Safety Award, 2008
  • University Students' Council Teaching Honour Roll 2006-2007
  • CNC-IUPAC Award, 2004


Our principle research activities involve the application of organic synthesis in the field of bio-organic chemistry. We specialize in oligonucleotide analogs and our work is focused on peptide nucleic acid or PNA and nucleobase-modified DNA and RNA with special interest in fluorescent analogs.

For more information about the group please visit our research group homepage.


  • 2213 - Organic Chemistry for Life Sciences
  • 2223 - Organic Chemistry of Biological Molecules
  • 2273 - Organic Chemistry I: Structure and Spectroscopy
  • 3393 - Medicinal Chemistry
  • 4493 - Chemistry of Biological Macromolecules
  • 9520 - Advanced Nucleic Acid Chemistry
  • 9553 - Mechanistic Organic Chemistry