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Professor Mary Helen McMurran is the recipient of the 2017 Arts and Humanities Teaching Excellence Award (Full-Time)

Professor Thy Phu is the recipient of the Faculty Scholar Award for 2017-2019

 Professor M.J. Kidnie is the recipient of the 2017 Edward G. Pleva Award for Excellence in Teaching

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Francis James Frenzel, BSc’08 (Physics and English). One of 17 finalists to become Canada's next two astronauts.

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Jason Sunder

The winner of the 2017 McIntosh Prize is Jason Sunder

His “Religious Beef: Untouchable Life, Constitutional Secularism, and Sacred Cows in Arjun Dangle’s ‘The Cantonment has Begun to Shake’” presented a fresh and ambitious intervention in post-colonial criticism that offered incisive readings of legislative and literary texts. Honourable mentions also go to Hanji Lee, who argued with extraordinary clarity for reading Conrad’s Nostromo as ‘nostalgic metafiction,’ and to Nahmi Lee, for her elegantly argued discussion of the subject-object relations in the materiality of Dickens' London  in Bleak House and Our Mutual Friend.

New 3000-level undergraduate courses re-designed to complement new modules and focus on narrower themes and issues

Dystopic déjà vu: Trump and the resurgence of cataclysmic classics

Jennifer Tombs, winner of the 2017 Avie Bennett Prize in Canadian Literature

Alero Ogbeide, winner of the 2017 Marguerite R. Dow Canadian Heritage Writing Award

Jasmeen Siddiqui, winner of the 2017 Lillian Kroll Prize in Creative Writing

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