Writing Studies aims to provide students with the ability to affect the world, both inside and outside the university, by helping them become self-directed, creative, and intellectual agents able to engage effectively with and contribute to the resolution of problems through the use of language both written and spoken. Our program combines the core activities of our contemporary social, political, and cultural world with the study and mastery of the constitutive and social dynamics of writing, rhetorical theory, and texts to provide pragmatic and intellectual tools for our graduates throughout their professional, intellectual, and social lives.

Countless studies and surveys rank "communication skills," "clarity," and "writing/research skills" as the most sought after qualities among new graduates by leading employers. Welcome to what is arguably the most versatile and transferable degree option and menu of courses available to help you meet and even exceed those expectations, all while studying among world class intellectuals at one of Canada's most historic and beautiful campuses.

Writing Studies at Western


Undergraduate Program Director
Dr. Jamie Johnston
519.661.2111 x85869