Western Winter Weather FAQs

When Western is subject to inclement winter weather conditions, a decision may be made to cancel classes and curtail non-essential services.

How are decisions to cancel classes made?

At the forefront of the decision on whether to cancel classes and curtail non-essential services, is the ability to operate the campus safely and for the Western community to get to and from campus safely. The normal process is to assess the conditions on campus, the status of London Transit operations, the conditions of primary/main City roads and snow clearance confirmed via communication with the appropriate City of London official, and Environment Canada radar and reports for London.

If the campus can be operated safely, if City roads are passable, if London Transit is operational, and if those conditions are not expected to change significantly through the course of the day, the University will operate as usual.

How are class cancellations communicated?

Students, faculty and staff should visit Western’s homepage at www.uwo.ca for operating notices and information. The University will also use social media (https://www.facebook.com/WesternUniversity , https://twitter.com/westernu ) and local media etc. to share information on class cancellations. The Western weather page at www.uwo.ca/weather.html is the authoritative spot for weather related information year-round.

What does “Cancelled classes” mean?

"Cancelled classes" means: classes are not held; meetings and other scheduled events are cancelled; scheduled examinations are cancelled, to be rescheduled; deadlines for assignments and other submissions are postponed. Exceptions to these cancellations will be posted on Western’s weather page at www.uwo.ca/weather.html

Students are advised to continue to monitor their Western email account and the Office of the Registrar webpages for further information relating to tests and examinations.

What happens if classes are cancelled during the day?

If classes are cancelled and non-essential services are curtailed during the day, in addition to the regular communication channels (web, social media, email) departments are encouraged to post signs in high traffic areas, and where possible share the information in social spaces in their buildings to inform others.

When Western does not close in inclement winter weather:

Weather conditions can sometimes be intimidating even though Western does not cancel classes. Campus members who live at some distance to the campus can be particularly affected. In these situations, students, faculty and staff are reminded that they are responsible for determining when weather conditions make their travel unsafe.

Information for faculty and staff:

When classes are cancelled and non-essential services are curtailed, University supervisors will notify those employees who are expected to work in providing "essential services". All other employees should not report to work until further notice. Staff members who come to work and find out on arrival that classed have been cancelled and non-essential services are curtailed may leave if they wish.

In situations where classes are not cancelled but staff feel they cannot report to work or will be late for work because of inclement weather conditions, please contact your supervisor as soon as possible to advise them of your absence or delay.

Limitations of these guidelines:

This winter weather information is not intended to cover all possible eventualities. It is assumed that the decision-making and relevant communications will be adapted, as appropriate, to suit the circumstances. It cannot be assumed that all individuals who may be coming to campus or on campus at the time of a weather emergency can be notified of the cancellation of classes and/or postponement of exams.