Cristián Bravo Roman

Associate Professor
Canada Research Chair in Banking and Insurance Analytics
Ph.D. University of Chile, 2013
Office: WSC 280
Phone: ext. 87565

Research Areas

  • Credit Scoring and Credit Risk
  • Fintech
  • Artificial Intelligence and Data Science
  • Profit-driven Business Analytics

Graduate Students Supervision

  • Sherly Alfonso-Sánchez
  • Sanghyun Jung
  • Kameswara Korangi (U. of Southampton, UK)
  • Matthew Stevenson (U. of Southampton, UK)
  • Mahsa Tavakoli
  • Sahab Zandi
  • Yuhao Zhou

Research Funding Source(s)

  • NSERC Alliance Grant 2022 – 2024
  • Discovery Grant, 2020 Competition, NSERC 
  • Tier 2 Canada Research Chair in Banking and Insurance Analytics, NSERC 


Journal papers

Stevenson, M. (*), Mues, C., & Bravo, C. (2022). Deep residential representations: Using unsupervised learning to unlock elevation data for geo-demographic prediction. ISPRS Journal of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, 187, 378-392. 

Brito, M. P., Stevenson, M. (*), & Bravo, C. (2022). Subjective machines: Probabilistic risk assessment based on deep learning of soft information. Risk Analysis.

Óskarsdóttir, M. and Bravo, C. (2021). Multilayer Network Analysis for Improved Credit Risk Prediction. Omega 105: 102520.

Stevenson, M. (*), Mues, C. & Bravo, C. (2021). The value of text for small business default prediction: A deep learning approach. European Journal of Operational Research 295(2): 758-771.

Roa, L., Correa-Bahnsen, A., Suarez, G., Cortés-Tejada, F., Luque, M. A., & Bravo, C. (2021). Super-App Behavioral Patterns in Credit Risk Models: Financial, Statistical and Regulatory Implications. Expert Systems with Applications 169: 114486.

Lazo, D., Calabrese, R., Bravo, C. (2020) The Impact of Borrower Behaviour, Sectorial Variables and Modelling Techniques on Credit Risk Assessment in the Agribusiness Sector. The Journal of Credit Risk 16 (4): 119-156.

Barrera-Ferro, D., Brailsford, S., Bravo, C. and Smith, H. (2020) Predicting patient no-show behaviour in a developing country: a machine leaning approach. Decision Support Systems 138: 113398.

Stevenson, M. (*) and Bravo, C. (2019) Advanced turbidity prediction for operational water supply planning, Decision Support Systems 119 (5): 72-84.

Óskarsdóttir, M. (*), Bravo, C., Verbeke, W., Sarraute, C., Baesens, B., Vanthienen, J. (2019). The value of big data for credit scoring: Enhancing financial inclusion using mobile phone data and social network analytics. Applied Soft Computing 74: 26 – 39. (2nd most downloaded paper in journal)

Garrido, F. (*), Verbeke, W., and Bravo, C. (corr). (2018). A Robust Profit Measure for Binary Classification Model Evaluation. Expert Systems with Applications 92:  154-160.

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Bravo, C. and Maldonado, S. (2015). Fieller Stability Measure: a novel model-dependent backtesting approach. Journal of the Operational Research Society 66 (11): 1895 - 1905.

Chong, M. (*), Bravo C., and Davison, M. (2015). How Much Effort Should Be Spent to Detect Fraudulent Applications When Engaged in Classifier-Based Lending? Intelligent Data Analysis 19 (S1): S87 – S101.

Van Vlasselaer, V., Bravo, C. (corr), Caelen, O., Eliassi-Rad, T., Akoglu, L., Snoeck, M., and Baesens, B. (2015). APATE: A novel approach for automated credit card transaction fraud detection using network-based extensions. Decision Support Systems 75:  38-48. (Top 5 cited paper in journal since 2015)

Bravo, C., Thomas, L. C., and Weber, R. (2015). Improving credit scoring by differentiating defaulter behaviour. Journal of the Operational Research Society 66(5): 771-778.

Verbraken, T., Bravo, C., Weber, R. and Baesens, B. (2014) Development and application of consumer credit scoring models using profit-based classification measures. European Journal of Operational Research 238(2): 505 – 513.

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Bravo, C., Lobato, J.L., L’Huillier, G. and Weber, R. (2010) Probability Estimation for Multiclass Problems Combining SVM’s and Neural Networks. Neural Networks World 20(4): 475-489.


Verbeke, W., Baesens, B., Bravo C. (2017) Profit Driven Analytics. Wiley. NY, USA. 

Book Chapters

Biron, M. (*) and Bravo, C. (2014). On the Discriminative Power of Credit Scoring Systems Trained on Independent Samples. In: Data Analysis, Machine Learning and Knowledge Discovery. Eds: Myra Spiliopoulou, Lars Schmidt-Thieme, and Ruth Janning.  247-254.

Bravo, C. and Weber, R. (2011, November). Semi-Supervised Constrained Clustering with Cluster Outlier Filtering. Proceedings of the XVI Iberoamerican Congress on Pattern Recognition, CIARP 2011. Lectures Notes in Computer Science 7042. 347-354.

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Indexed Conference Papers

Óskarsdóttir, M. (*), Bravo, C., Sarraute, C., Baesens, B., & Vanthienen, J. Credit scoring for good: enhancing financial inclusion with smartphone-based microlending. In Proceedings of the Thirty Ninth International Conference on Information Systems, San Francisco, USA. 2018.

Óskarsdóttir, M. (*), Bravo, C., Verbeke, W., Sarraute, C., Baesens, B., and Vanathien, J. A comparative study of social network classifiers for predicting churn in the telecommunication industry In: Proceedings of the 2016 IEEE/ACM International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining San Francisco (US):  IEEE. 2016.

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Bravo, C., Lobato, J.L., L’Huillier, G. and Weber, R. “A Hybrid System for Probability Estimation in Multiclass Problems Combining SVMs and Neural Networks”. In: HIS '08 Proceedings of the 2008 8th International Conference on Hybrid Intelligent Systems. 649-654. 2008.


Asterisks (*) indicate the author is a supervisee