Mikko Karttunen

Mikko Karttunen

Contact Information

Title: Professor
Office: ChB 072
Phone (Office): ext 86335
E-mail: mkarttu@uwo.ca

Physical & Analytical Teaching Division

Theory and Computation

Computational chemistry & biological physics, Multiscale simulation methods, QM/MM and coarse-graining Lattice Boltzmann methods, Polymers, Intrinsically disordered proteins, Lipid membranes and peptides

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MSc: Tampere University of Technology, Finland; PhD: McGill University; Postdoc: Max Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Germany


  • Ontario Early Reseachers Award
  • NSERC Discovery Accelerator
  • EU DEISA Extreme Computing
  • Distinguished Research Professor


My research focuses on the properties of biological & soft matter using theory and the methods of computational chemistry and physics. Typical systems are at the interface between materials science, biology & biomedical sciences. I am interested in problems such as lipid diffusion, sterols, bacterial toxins, membrane proteins, antibiotics, translocation of DNA, peptides and sugars. I am also working on magnetic materials, pattern formation and non-equilibrium dynamics.

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  • Computational modeling
  • Statistical mechanics
  • Quantum mechanics