Student Permits

Student permits which run from September 1st through the academic year are generally available by June 15th each summer. As always, these permits will be limited based on lot capacity and will be sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Interested students should watch our website for updates on when these will become available.

Alternatives for those travelling to campus witout a parking permit:

  • Check out Western's Visitor Parking information for short term daily parking details - the least expensive option for a full day of visitor parking on campus will be at the Huron Flats and Althouse Students lots which have a daily maximum rate of $12 ($1.50 per half hour up to the daily maximum). Guests can pull a ticket to enter a lot and will need to pay with a credit card on exit. 
  • Pay and Display areas and single-space meter areas are located campus-wide and are a good option for short periods on campus. 
  • Honk Mobile, pay-by-cell, is easy and convenient to use. Parkers will receive notice before parking expires and you can easily extend time without running out to pay meters. 
  • Western's Carpool Program is open to eligible faculty, staff and students. Along with the cost benefits of ride sharing, there are some great perks associated with the Western Carpool program. 
  • The Western Student Bus Pass may be a viable option for those who can leave their car at home - no scraping car windows on those chilly winter mornings and get dropped off right in the heart of campus!
  • Student Evening/Weekend Permits are available and may be perfect for those with evening classes.
  • Make use of complimentary parking in various parking lots outside of business hours - Elborn lot (at the corner of Western Road and Sarnia Road) has complimentary parking between 4 pm - 7 am (please stay out of marked clinic spaces, hashlined areas and other paid spaces).
  • The daily maximum rate in various visitor lots also drops after 6 pm for those coming to campus in the evening. See the Rates and Locations page for details.

So you have a Western Student (GNR) Permit...

Tips on how to use your parking permit like a seasoned professional:

  • Your green student permit will give you 24/7 access to all campus Green Zone lots (there may be restrictions at times for special events, flooding etc., please obey any posted signs).
  • Permit are sold by the zone, not by the lot so if your preferred lot is full, make your way to another Green Zone lot. Locations are listed on our Parking Map.
  • All of our lots on campus have signage posted at entry ways to indicate what permits have access to the lot at various times. Green permits will generally have access to some Grey and Orange zones outside of business hours. See our Lot Schedule for availability.
  • Western now has Vehicle License Plate Recognition Technology in place so you'll need to ensure your active vehicle plate are listed on your parking account AND that plates are attached to your parking permit - see our LPR page for details.
  • Hang tags should be hung from your vehicle rearview mirror - this is usually the best position for it to activate the gate. Approach the gate slowly and it should lift for you.
  • Avoid approaching the gate too quickly or having the vehicle nose under the gate before it raises - our permits work on an "anti-pass-back" system so approaching slowly will ensure smooth entry/exits.
  • Your Western ONECard acts as a back up in the event of your permit giving you trouble at the gate - simply tap your card at the gate podium and it should raise for you.
  • Please utilize intercom buttons (at all of our gates) if you experience any difficulties accessing/exiting the lot - we can troubleshoot any problems on the spot to keep you moving.
  • All lots will have certain restricted areas (hash lined areas, reserved spaces, clinic spaces, carpool spaces, tow zones etc.) which should be avoided by regular permit holders to avoid being ticketed.
  • Remember that your hang tag is not your actual permit! If you need to have parking  privileges during the next academic year, remember to renew your parking permit early. We post permit sales information on our website as soon as they are available to purchase - usually in June.
  • Western permit holders are reminded that permits are the sole responsibility of the permit holder and that parking permits/accounts are non-transferrable and are not for resale.