Appeals Committee

The Appeals Committee was established to provide an objective, separate entity from the staff in Parking Services.  The Committee reviews all written appeals of infractions issued on campus.  Infractions are issued to vehicles that are parking in contravention of Western University's Parking Regulations.

All parking infractions are subject to review.  All requests are assessed by Parking Services prior to review by the Appeals Committee.

Composition: Six members including:

  • 1 member of the Faculty of the University nominated by the Faculty Association
  • 1 member of Staff nominated by the Professional and Managerial Association
  • 1 member of Staff nominated on a rotating basis by the Staff Association,
  • 1 CUPE Local 2361(Facilities Management), on a rotating basis with CUPE Local 2692 (Food Services)
  • 1 Graduate Student of the constituent University, nominated by the Society of Graduate Students
  • 1 Undergraduate Students of the constituent University, nominated by the University Students' Council.

The membership year is from July 1 - June 30. Members of the Committee will hold office for two-year terms and will not be eligible for reappointment for more than two consecutive terms (four years), but will be eligible for reappointment following a lapse of two years after the expiration of the second of two consecutive terms.