Employee engagement is the extent to which we feel passionate about our jobs, our level of commitment to the organization, and the efforts we put forward in our work. The reasons for engagement are individualized and vary from person to person. This is a video created by Ottawa Public Health and the Mental Health Commission of Canada, and adapted with permission from Mindful Employer Canada. (time - 4:25)

Understanding Our Reasons for Engagement

It is important that we feel connected to our work. Relating to the mission of your organization, feeling like part of the community, and seeing the direct impact your work has on the success of the organization are sources of internal motivation and increased engagement. 

The reasons for engagement can be different from person to person. 

Physical Engagement occurs when see work as a source of energy and enjoy applying our skills and knowledge.

We experience Emotional Engagement when our work connects with our passionate side and we experience high levels of optimism. 

When we find our work interesting, we become absorbed in our work as we experience Cognitive Engagement

What can we do? 

It is possible to experience more than one type of engagement. Depending on the type of work or external influences, our motivations can change over time. It's important to reflect and understand what drives you. This will lead to more constructive conversations with your team or leader and increases the likelihood that you will be assigned projects and responsibilities that you find engaging. 

As a supervisor, it is important to develop a positive rapport with your employees and keep the communication channels open. Understanding the strengths and interests of your team members provides you with valuable information when assigning responsibilities and forming teams. It's important to "check in" regularly to ensure that your employees don't become disengaged. Integrating team-building activities into regular meetings is a great way to increase engagement and foster relationships. 

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