Clear Leadership and Expectations



To be successful, organizations need effective communication. It is important to keep communication channels open, provide opportunities for feedback, and to inform everyone about upcoming changes in a timely manner. This is a video created by Ottawa Public Health and the Mental Health Commission of Canada, and adapted with permission from Mindful Employer Canada. (time - 2:37)

What can I do as an employee?

  • Ask for clarification if instructions are unclear
  • Raise any concerns with assigned tasks
  • Provide constructive feedback during and after the task so the manager can evaluate decisions

What can I do as a manager or supervisor?

  • Be clear with What needs to done, Who is involved, and When it needs to be completed 
  • Ensure job descriptions are current, specific, and agreed-upon by relevant staff 
  • Adopt an open door policy - encourage your employees to ask questions, voice concerns, or submit ideas 
  • Hold regular staff meetings and allocate time for discussion 
  • When possible, involve your employees in the decision-making process
  • Inform employees of any changes in a timely manner
  • Provide ongoing and constructive feedback

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