PER and Home Office Furniture

The COVID-19 pandemic has resulted in an extended period of time when many employees are working remotely. As the University implements the return to campus strategy, many employees may continue to work from home for a number of weeks. Employees are working extended periods of time each day on chairs, desks, tables, with laptops and other portable devices not designed to support a full 7-8 hours day. It is important that employee are able to work safely, efficiently and optimize their comfort.

Please note that employees working from home may temporarily borrow University office furniture and equipment that is reasonably movable (i.e. excluding large equipment and desks) by contacting their supervisor to request access to their office at Western for a limited time to pick up items they wish to move. Prior to visiting campus, staff and faculty must complete a COVID-19 ‘Return To Work Questionnaire’ as part of our Health and Safety precautions. This can be accessed via My Human Resources.  Look for the Return to Work Questionnaire tile.

Another support, available for 2020 only, is the expansion of the Professional Expense Reimbursement (PER) to include office furniture as an eligible expense. Office furniture claims must be consolidated and submitted on one claim submission and will be subject to a maximum of $500 or the PER balance, whichever is less. All office furniture purchased under this special period shall remain the property of the employee.

The University has a preferred vendor, In2Space.  You may email for pricing on quality, flexible chairs that support proper office ergonomics ($425-$675 price range). Examples may be seen at the bottom of this page. Delivery and setup in approximately ten business days will be available for online orders in the City of London.

Prior to making your purchases (with the preferred vendor or otherwise) you are encouraged to review the Western Workstation Setup Guide. This will help you to assess your current work setup and identify the equipment and furniture you may need. For further guidance or questions regarding office ergonomics please connect with a member of the Rehabilitation team at

Once your office furniture is purchased, you may login to Financial Services to create a PER claim. If you need assistance, please review the online PER Claim instructions on the Financial Services website. Reimbursements will be made to the bank account on file for your pay. Questions regarding eligibility and claims may be submitted to











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