PER and Home Office Furniture

The University will continue to extend home office furniture as an allowable PER expense for furniture purchased in the 2022 year.

Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) supported a one-year only exception to the taxable benefit rules, allowing employers to reimburse for the purchase of home office furniture in 2020, up to $500, without the payment being deemed and reported as a taxable benefit. Some faculty and staff took advantage of this change, making claims for chairs and desks for their home office without having to report the amounts on their 2020 tax slips.

The University also made temporary amendments to the eligible expenses for PER in order to accommodate home office furniture purchases made in 2021. CRA has declared that employers may reimburse up to $500 per employee for home office furniture purchased between March 15, 2020 and December 31, 2022. Any reimbursed amounts greater than $500 will be added to an employee’s tax slip as a taxable benefit.

Visit the Financial Services PER website for further information on professional expenses reimbursement.

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