Major in Sexuality Studies

Sexuality Studies is an interdisciplinary intra-faculty module in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities administered by the Department of Women's Studies and Feminist Research. 

Admission Requirements

Completion of first-year requirements, including 1.0 Women's Studies course at the 1000 level (either WS1020E or 1.0 course from WS 1021F/G, WS 1022F/G, WS 1023F/G, WS 1024F/G) with a mark of at least 60%, or permission of the Department. Note: Students beginning Women's Studies after first year may substitute Women's Studies 2240F/G in place of the 1.0 course requirement for first year Women's Studies and take it concurrently with their second-year courses.

6.0 courses:

1.0 course: Women's Studies 2273E.
0.5 course: Women's Studies 3173F/G or WS 3163F/G
1.0 course from Women’s Studies 2263F/G, 2274F/G. 2275F/G, and 3133F/G.
3.5 courses from Classical Studies 3300F/G, English 3886F/G, 3887E, Film Studies 2255E, History 2181A/B, 2185, 2817F/G, Philosophy 2077F/G, Psychology 2075, Visual Arts 2286F/G, 2287F/G, Women’s Studies 2160A/B, 2163A/B, 2203F/G, 2205F/G, 2223F/G, 2233F/G, 2243F/G, 2263F/G, 2274F/G, 2275F/G, 2283F/G, 3133F/G, 3153F/G, 3163F/G, 3305F/G, 3333F/G, 3343F/G, 3345F/G, 3356F/G, 3363F/G, 3373F/G 4463F/G

The module must include at least 1.0 course at the 3000 level or above, and no more than 1.0 courses in Women’s Studies and Feminist Research at the 2000-2199 level. At least 4.0 of the 6.0 courses must be Women's Studies courses.

A student may apply to the Department of Women's Studies and Feminist Research for approval to substitute 1.0 course not listed above, provided the course is relevant to the Sexuality Studies Major.